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ESG Report


D4t4 conducts activities to the highest ethical standards and expects clients and suppliers to embrace these same principles. Our ESG report outlines how we conduct our activities and should be read in conjunction with our Corporate Governance Report.

Introduction and Overview:
How we incorporate ESG into what we do

In 2021, we announced the formalisation of our ESG efforts. At that time, along with the involvement of an executive and a non-executive director D4t4 Solutions also engaged nine colleagues from across the four D4t4 offices. This initiative clearly caught the imagination of D4t4 employees with as many as twenty colleagues involved in committee and sub-committee meetings, as well as increased engagement in initiatives during 2021 and 2022.

On behalf of the board and contributing employees, D4t4 Solutions is delighted to present D4t4’s first ESG report.  

First section
Describes environmental impact, including data on our carbon usage and initiatives to reduce the overall business impact on the environment. 

Second section
Focusses on the social impact D4t4 has made on our communities and on employee safety and wellbeing. 

Third section
Discusses the D4t4 approach and initiatives to being a good corporate partner - ensuring all our stakeholders are treated fairly, including policies covering matters such as tax fairness, bribery and whistleblowing.  

ESG Report 2022