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Celebrus Delivers Self-Service Solution to Meet Key GDPR Articles

  • First solution in market to fully enable automated data requests from citizens
  • Customer-centric approach overcomes GDPR challenges of:
    • Right of access to data
    • Right to erasure
    • Right to portability of data
  • Enables scalability of requests for digital data records, negates the need for teams of compliance staff

Celebrus, the leading real-time enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP), has become the first product in the market to enable self-service data requests from citizens under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). With under four months to go until the EU privacy law becomes enforceable, Celebrus offers a rapid compliance solution to businesses facing the challenge of scaling to meet the demand for citizen data requests. With fears that companies will be inundated with large volumes of digital data inquiries after this year’s May 25th deadline, the Celebrus solution offers enterprise-scale automation to deliver a fully-compliant, self-service product that can be rapidly deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

The Celebrus CDP creates first party real-time customer profiles at scale by capturing and delivering data about individuals’ behaviors and experiences across digital channels. This capability ensures that businesses can have absolute confidence in the quality, accuracy and compliance of their customer data and allows them to use it as the foundation for harmonizing that data across their customer applications.

Moreover, digital customer data can be accessed immediately by citizens as well as being made available in a useful, readable format for portability between service providers in line with Articles 12 and 20 of the General Data Protection Regulation. This capability also meets the need for right to erasure (Article 17, the so called "right to be forgotten") and means that organizations can meet their GDPR obligations without creating costly teams of employees dedicated to servicing citizen data requests.

Peter Kear, Chief Executive Officer at D4t4 Solutions commented: "Celebrus is first-to-market with a scalable, automated solution for digital data requests under GDPR. The only way for businesses to protect themselves from the risk of drowning under a wave of requests is to automate the process; Celebrus enables exactly this, opening the way for a rapid path to compliance as the May deadline draws closer."

The GDPR-compliant release of Celebrus is available now and can be installed for clients in a matter of weeks. As well as enabling compliance, Celebrus also empowers clients to embark on programs that deepen customer engagement in areas like personalization, remarketing and digital journey-mapping.

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