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Enabling GDPR: Celebrus Creates Automated Path to Compliance for Enterprises

  • Scalable platform accelerates enterprise compliance initiatives
  • Dynamic consent model enables permissions changes to be populated across channels in real-time
  • Effective automation of citizen GDPR requests negates the need for teams of compliance staff

Celebrus, the leading provider of real-time enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology, has outlined the path for enterprises wrestling with the challenge of GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) compliance. Creating a flexible approach to compliant customer data capture, Celebrus is accelerating GDPR initiatives for clients and assisting those yet to start to remove the obstacles to progress.

The Celebrus CDP creates first party real-time customer profiles at scale by capturing, transforming and delivering data about individuals’ behaviors and experiences across digital channels. This capability enables businesses to have confidence in the quality, accuracy and compliance of their customer insight data and allows them to use it as the foundation for harmonizing that data across their customer applications.

The Celebrus approach promotes clear choice for visitors to digital channels by providing a mechanism for granular selection of the areas for which they wish to provide consent while simplifying withdrawal of permissions against their areas of concern. In addition, consent can be changed by users at any time and dynamically reflected in applications used by other channels.

Furthermore, the potential for GDPR compliance costs to rapidly escalate is reduced significantly by an automated, self-service approach to requests from citizens to receive their data in a useful, readable and portable format (Article 20 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation). This means that not only can enterprises scale their customer data systems to comply with this regulation, they can also avoid the need for establishing extensive, costly teams of people dedicated to servicing citizen data requests.

Matthew Tod, Chief Data Officer at Celebrus commented: "The Celebrus CDP is the single most effective response to the GDPR challenge that I have yet seen. It vastly simplifies management of compliance across customer data applications and effectively removes the risk to enterprises from manually addressing the citizen data request process." On the subject of scalability, he continued that "organizations concerned with the threat of large quantities of citizen data requests needing to be dealt with concurrently should grasp the opportunity to automate the process. Adopting a simple method, where customer data is captured compliantly only once and delivered multiple times to the applications that can best make use of it, is the smart approach to unraveling the GDPR challenge."

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