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Key Metrics


Measuring our performance

Revenue £24.5m

2022 24.5
2021 22.8
2020 21.8

Revenue is a KPI because it reflects the work we are doing, and the monies received over a period of time for that work. It is driven by new sales, renewals, and upsell/cross-sell to existing customers and includes licenses, hosting, support and maintenance, as well as one-off project work and third-party hardware and software sales.

ARR £14.0m

2022 14.0
2021 10.6
2020 9.6

ARR is an important metric as it is an indicator of valuation of software companies. Investors value the certainty of knowing that there is revenue which will recur year after year from customers who derive benefit from D4t4’s products.

Adjusted profit before tax £3.3m

2022 3.3
2021 4.5
2020 5.1

Adjusted profit before tax is a key indicator because it approximates to the cash generation of the ongoing operations. It excludes non-cash items such as amortisation, foreign exchange gains/losses, and share-base payment charges etc, as well as exceptional one-off costs.

ARR as % of total revenue 57%

2022 57
2021 47
2020 44

ARR as a % of total revenue indicates our progress to improve the quality of revenues by making a higher percentage of them recurring revenues. This includes converting existing customers from perpetual licenses to term licenses as well as adding new customers on a term license ARR basis.

Adjusted diluted EPS 7.1p

2022 7.1
2021 9.5
2020 11.2

Adjusted diluted EPS is driven from the Adjusted profit before tax figure and indicates the adjusted profit per share to provide a like-for-like calculation of value creation per share per year.

Dividend 2.92p

2022 2.92
2021 2.81
2020 2.67

The Dividend is a key metric, as many shareholders value the cash payment to them, but this metric is one that is considered extensively by the board balanced against the need to invest surplus cash into growing the business.

Net assets £31.9m

2022 31.9
2021 30.9
2020 29.3

The net assets indicate the net value of the assets and liabilities of the business and are important as a key metric to illustrate the impact of profits and dividend payments on the value retained by the company.

Cash £11.4m

2022 11.4
2021 14.2
2020 12.8

Cash is a key metric as it provides assurance on our ability to invest to grow the business as well as make dividend payments to shareholders. It also provides comfort to customers from a vendor risk perspective.