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Visualisation enables the creation of graphical representations for data and is a fast-growing area, borne of the increased need to visualise very large quantities of data or very complex data models. Visualisation offers benefits through the ability to present complex data in a way that makes it digestible for business users.

How we do it

D4t4 Solutions is committed to getting data into the hands of those business users in your organisation who can best drive value from it. We are constantly seeking to improve access to data, to ask the right questions and to unlock the ability to monetise data for business benefit.

No longer do users of data need to pore over giant spreadsheets, pages of reports or have analysts query data sources for them – now they can see the data for themselves and drill down into the detail whenever they need to. This benefit is enhanced by delivering data visualisation into multiple devices, including tablets and smartphones, to enable users of that data to be updated on the move.

Partners and tools

Qlik – Qlik is focused on agile, innovative solutions that keep pace with every individuals’ and organisations’ changing business intelligence requirements. Qlik pioneered the market for data discovery and is acknowledged by analysts as a leader in this segment.

Qlik Sense offers self-service data visualisation, reporting, dashboards, guided analytics, and embedded analytics while QlikView is the market-leading data discovery platform for creating and deploying rich, guided analytics applications via a native scripting environment. Both Qlik Sense and QlikView feature technology that enables users to intuitively explore data relationships across many sources that would be hidden in hierarchical or query-based approaches. With a focus on continued innovation, across analytics, data and the cloud, Qlik drives innovation within businesses and helps them become agile data-driven enterprises.

ThoughtSpot – ThoughtSpot is disrupting the BI industry with search-driven analytics built for the enterprise. ThoughtSpot is the leader in search-driven analytics in the enterprise, providing the industry’s most advanced, yet easy-to-use, technology for enabling business people to analyse company data quicker. ThoughtSpot can combine data from on-premise, desktop and cloud sources, as well as Hadoop, can scale to billions of rows and can be deployed in hours.

ThoughtSpot combines a new relational search engine for numbers with a custom-built, in-memory relational data cache to provide sub-second response times to search queries run over billions of rows of data. It also frees BI teams from complex data modelling, dramatically reducing time-to-value.

SAS Visual Analytics – SAS Visual Analytics provides a complete platform for analytics visualisation, enabling you to identify patterns and relationships in data that weren’t initially evident. Interactive, self-service business intelligence and reporting capabilities are combined with out-of-the-box advanced analytics so that everyone can discover insights from any size and type of data.

SAS Visual Analytics enables users of all skill levels to visually explore data on their own while tapping into powerful in-memory technologies for faster analytic computations and discoveries. SAS Visual Analytics is an easy-to-use, self-service environment that can scale on an enterprise-wide level.

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