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Marketing automation helps marketers to better schedule, target and track their campaigns. Using a marketing automation solution can make marketing processes more efficient, reduce the amount of manual intervention required in marketing activities and even make the exploration of new marketing techniques easier.

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We use our experience to focus on the key areas where marketing automation efficiencies can yield impressive results: customer segmentation and campaign management. By making even small improvements in these areas, marketing management can be made simpler, more cost-effective and better performing, driving increased revenue with lower ongoing costs.

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SAS Marketing Automation – SAS Marketing Automation is a comprehensive solution to plan, test and execute marketing campaigns so you can improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness. By increasing retention and driving higher rates of new customer acquisitions, it can help you achieve a better return on investment and a healthier bottom line.

SAS Marketing Automation provides all the capabilities needed to ensure success, including:

  • fully functional campaign manage¬ment;
  • unmatched customer analytics for campaign targeting;
  • data integration for access to all vital customer data;
  • an enterprise business intelligence platform for robust reporting.

D4t4 Solutions is a SAS Reseller with a vendor-certified team of consultants available for implementation, integration, training and support services. We also provide a flexible range of deployment options including on-premise, managed service and SaaS.

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