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The issues of fraud and security have grown as the transition to a digital economy has advanced – they fittingly occupy a high profile place in the priorities of business as the need grows to protect yourself, your data and your operations from the mass of threats, internal and external. D4t4 Solutions provides forensic data analytics that protects organisations from the specific risk of insider fraud through advanced techniques for surveillance, detection and prevention.

How we do it

We collect and manage a comprehensive set of data on systems usage and utilise the capabilities of real-time behavioural software to stop fraud before it occurs – by recognising abnormal behaviour, we are able to identify any threat potential and intervene immediately. This limits loss to the organisation from fraud, data theft and sabotage, increasing investigation efficiency and avoiding compliance issues and the risk of reputational damage.

Partners and tools

SAS Insider Threat – SAS Insider Threat combats internal concerns with an analytical detection engine that proactively prioritises threats and alerts the necessary inside security groups. SAS Insider Threat includes all of the software and services to rapidly mitigate your internal risks and can be deployed in the cloud for reduced total cost of ownership.

SAS Insider Threat includes the following components to combat internal risk:

  • Data Store – collection and management of comprehensive dataset with a user-centric view.
  • Proactive Threat Detection System – state-of-the-art continuous monitoring and detection using advanced analytics.
  • Threat Response – automated and secure processes for alert triage, management, investigation and categorisation.
  • Threat Intelligence – internal security dashboard and exploration engine using SAS Visual Investigator.

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