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What we do

D4t4 Solutions delivers customer intelligence solutions that deliver customer-centricity and meaningful customer experiences. Solutions in this area enable marketers to:

  • Craft contextual customer interactions based on insights gleaned from big data analytics.
  • Measure and optimise the customer experience in both digital and offline environments.
  • Link customer-driven strategies to business goals.

How we do it

We deploy SAS Customer Intelligence solutions to solve the most critical challenges that modern marketers face. Built on the most comprehensive marketing technology platform available, SAS Customer Intelligence enables best practice in:

  • Planning - manage marketing programs from start to finish with the only marketing operations solution backed by powerful predictive analytics and complete data management capabilities.
  • Engagement - deliver individualised customer experiences with intelligent systems that adapt to and anticipate the needs of customers. SAS brings together the data, analytic power and proven marketing processes that let you go beyond channel-based marketing and achieve the fullest view of your customers across all channels, devices and touchpoints.
  • Optimisation - understand each customer’s path to purchase, no matter how fragmented. SAS enables you to engage with and delight customers throughout their journeys without compromising data privacy.

Partners and tools

SAS Customer Experience Targeting (CXT) – SAS Customer Experience Targeting enables you to effectively target and deliver offers to customers who have interacted with your organisation via the web. With this solution, you can collect online data and combine it with data from other channels then deliver offers in an outbound batch-style campaign execution mode. This enables the re-targeting of customers who have demonstrated an interest in your product or service but have not yet made a purchase.

SAS Real-Time Decision Manager – SAS Real-Time Decision Manager automates and enhances the decision-making process for high-volume, customer-facing systems and helps organisations execute focused, consistent strategies across multiple channels.

Business users can construct decision processes in an interactive, visual environment. As they build decision processes that incorporate various data sources, they can apply advanced analytic techniques and business logic. As a result, customer-facing employees can quickly make decisions that enrich the customer experience and increase profitability.

D4t4 Solutions is a SAS Reseller with a vendor-certified team of consultants available for implementation, integration, training and support services. We also provide a flexible range of deployment options including on-premise, managed cloud and SaaS.

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