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Our cloud-based Big Data Lab is helping major organisations embark upon their first forays into big data analytics with a rapidly available, high performance packaged environment for short- to medium-term deployments. And once you have demonstrated the power of big data in your enterprise, your Big Data Lab can be deployed on a larger scale in a more permanent environment, on-premise or in the cloud, as required.

Big Data Lab opens the door to exploring your organisation’s data in ways that have not been possible until now – no longer held back by the cost and complexity of big data analytics, now you can begin your journey to digital transformation.

How we do it

Big Data Lab is a fixed-price, quick-start deployment to get you up and running fast, giving you the ability to commence major big data investigations inside a month. It provides you with everything you need to experiment with the multitude of possibilities available from your data, including:

  • Consultancy to define what you expect to achieve from your big data investigations.
  • Installation and configuration of your Big Data Lab.
  • Training in the use of big data analytics software.
  • Ongoing coaching to ensure you’re getting the most from your Big Data Lab.

Partners and tools

Our Big Data Lab comes in two forms depending on your budget and where you are in your explorations with big data.

  • Our licensed model is designed for mature enterprises and brings together technology from SAS, the leader in business analytics software, and EMC, the foremost provider of hardware for cloud storage, to accelerate your exploitation of big data.
  • Our open-source model is ideal for start-ups and those businesses just beginning their journey with big data. It uses the best open-source tools available, including Hadoop for large-scale data sets, Apache Spark for rapid big data processing and RStudio to give users an interface to your big data environment.

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