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Data Management

Cloud Computing

D4t4 Solutions’ managed private cloud brings reduced costs, a complete range of IT skills and improved user experience through a seamless quality of service – all underpinned by a flexible, jointly-agreed SLA. Our range gives you the freedom to handpick the precise service you want, sure in the knowledge that each element will be delivered with the utmost expertise.

Application Management

Most organisations have embraced the cloud and have transferred a significant portion of their IT estate to providers that will host their applications. What many of these providers lack though is the skills and experience that we have to go above and beyond hosting to actually manage the day-to-say running of those applications. This includes services like monitoring, configuring, patching and supporting applications – the things that really add value to the process of outsourcing.

D4t4 Solutions has a broad range of skills in application development and support, enabling us to provide expertise in a range of application management areas.

Content Management

D4t4 Solutions will give you confidence in the selection of a web content management system to suit your requirements and budget. We offer best-of-breed options, both licensed and open source. We believe that the foundation of a web content management system gives you the best chance of enabling growth in your website alongside growth in your business. Even organisations with new or modest web sites can realise great benefits from the implementation of a web content management system.

Document Management

The benefits of document management systems lie in their ability to bring control to an organisation’s documented material. This not only improves the flexibility of that documentation in terms of its availability within the organisation but it also improves collaboration, enhances the ability to demonstrate regulatory compliance and guarantees the security of a firm’s intellectual property.

Information Archiving

The interest in archiving organisational data has grown as the amount of data flowing into an organisation has exploded. Up to 80% of data in an organisation’s operational systems may be inactive and this presents a huge opportunity to move this data to lower cost storage options. Archives need no longer be deployed on technology that makes their access a slow and laborious process though – now data can be archived and applications can be decommissioned all on a unified archiving platform, making them easily accessible but vastly reducing the overheads of managing them on a day-to-day basis.

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