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Data Management

Cloud Computing

D4t4 Solutions is committed to providing an efficient, professional service to clients that delivers peace of mind that their crucial IT investments are in safe hands. We are guided by the ITIL framework for the provision of services and service-related projects to ensure best practice and quality of delivery, including:

  • Change control process to ensure changes to infrastructure do not lead to unnecessary downtime.
  • Incident and event management processes to ensure efficient and effective handling of all support issues.
  • Capacity and demand management processes to ensure sizing relating to growth or demand trends is correct.
  • Service level management and SLAs to ensure that your needs and expectations are clearly defined, auditable, adaptable and measurable.

Application Management

D4t4 Solutions has over three decades of experience in IT outsourcing and our people are skilled across key application areas including Microsoft, Java, multiple database technologies, numerous content and document management systems, e-commerce and web applications, business intelligence and analytics.

Content Management

Drupal – Drupal is an open-source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It is built, used and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world. D4t4 Solutions is an experienced Drupal implementation provider with a team of consultants available for development, integration, training and support services.

EPiServer – EpiServer is a fast, flexible and robust .NET content management system that is used by thousands of organisations and companies around the world for managing their websites and intranets. D4t4 Solutions is an EPiServer Solution Partner with a vendor-certified team of consultants available for implementation, integration, training and support services.

OpenCms – OpenCms is a professional, easy-to-use open source website content management system that helps content managers to create and maintain websites quickly and efficiently. D4t4 Solutions is an OpenCms Solution Provider with a team of consultants available for implementation, integration, training and support services.

Document Management

EMC Documentum – the EMC Documentum platform provides an extensible way to manage content across an enterprise. It provides organisations with a broad set of essential capabilities for enterprise content management as well as the technical framework for extending these capabilities with third-party applications or for internal customisations. The Documentum platform provides a unified environment for storing, accessing, organising, controlling, retrieving and delivering any type of unstructured information within an enterprise.

D4t4 Solutions is an EMC Partner with fifteen years’ delivery experience. We have a vendor-certified team of consultants, developers and engineers available for implementation, integration and support services.

Information Archiving

EMC InfoArchive – EMC InfoArchive provides a unified enterprise-wide archive that supports the archiving of data in any format from any system. InfoArchive ingests structured data, unstructured content, print streams and XML – from a multitude of applications – at the same time.

Archiving this data reduces your costs for storage, servers, operations and database licences. Moreover, for legacy or obsolete systems where the data is inactive, the archive can be implemented and the system then retired yielding dramatic ongoing savings. EMC InfoArchive meets the challenge facing businesses to maintain their data in an environment of rapidly increasing information and a growth in regulatory requirements.

D4t4 Solutions is a founding member of the InfoArchive Consortium, an alliance committed to fostering the adoption of next generation unified archiving based on the EMC InfoArchive platform.

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