Data Management

Flexible data management services, including on-premise, hybrid and private cloud and application management. Our services are backed by accreditations in ISO27001 and PCI Data Security Standard, alongside our ITIL-aligned delivery services, giving you confidence in the safety and availability of your most important information assets.

Typical problems we help you to solve

Some of the challenges and issues that you may be encountering:

  • You want to benefit from cloud services but are unsure where to start
  • Your IT department is struggling to meet demand from the business
  • You are having difficulty in retaining talent to support your mission-critical business applications
  • You need to speed up publishing to your website with content management
  • You want to use document management to improve information-sharing and collaboration
  • You need to archive important data or retire legacy applications

Who will benefit?

Our data management services are used across industry sectors and we have long-term client relationships in digital, banking, insurance, retail, travel, manufacturing and the public sector.

Typically, the organizational functions that will benefit from these services are lines of business like marketing, sales, compliance, finance and operations as well as IT departments.

How will this help you?

  • Accelerate your journey to the cloud
  • Reduce your ongoing IT costs while improving performance and delivery
  • Provide support and maintenance for the growing list of applications in your business
  • Overcome the issue of skills churn in your organization
  • Streamline web content publishing processes
  • Improve collaboration within the organization
  • Provide rapid access to archived data and decommissioned applications
  • Enable greater focus on your core business by removing routine IT management tasks from your workload

D4t4 in action

Management of a data platform for an industry wide anti-fraud consortium

Business challenge:

Business challenge: A not-for-profit company acting as a central hub for the sharing of knowledge and sensitive data to a network of industry specific service providers, were looking for a highly secure, performant and scalable platform, packaged as a hosted/managed service, delivered in a short timeframe, including a DR facility. This environment was to support the deployment of a new industry leading software application.

Our solution:

We architected a managed solution that ensured performance, scalability and availability, with particular focus on the high level of security required, these considerations defined the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that operates on a 24x7x365 basis, covering both hardware and software.

We also provide a number of services under the SLA to ensure that the infrastructure is performing efficiently and that planned upgrades and backups are carried out as required. Extensive reporting mechanisms ensure that our client is kept informed of the infrastructure’s performance.

Security is a high priority so a customized plan is incorporated into the SLA focusing on these aspects of the service. Independent security analysis and penetration testing of the network environment ensures security measures are constantly re-evaluated in response to ever-changing security risks.

This was a challenging project from both technical and practical aspects. D4t4 Solutions’ experience in technical and time challenging infrastructure projects was invaluable in overcoming risks and potential issues, enabling a successful delivery of the project as planned.

Partners and technology

We work with multiple partners and technologies in this area including:

  • VMware for server and datacenter visualization
  • Global datacenter providers for secure, ISO27001-certified colocation facilities worldwide
  • Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services for private and hybrid cloud hosting
  • Licensed and open-source content management system providers like Drupal, Umbraco and OpenCms
  • Collaboration tools like OpenText Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint
  • OpenText InfoArchive for data archiving and application retirement
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How to get started

If you can relate to one or more of the challenges above then talk to us. We can tell you how we have facilitated the journey to the cloud for our clients as well as providing outsourced services that enable our clients to focus on their core business.


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