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Data Management

Cloud Computing

A comprehensive range of enterprise-class secure cloud computing services:

  • ISO27001-certified secure information management.
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certified for secure management of sensitive payment card data.
  • ITIL-aligned for secure, robust and stable managed service provision.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Intrusion detection systems and web application firewalls.
  • Encryption for sensitive or personal data.
  • Guaranteed single region hosting for clients seeking to ensure their data stays within geographical borders.
  • Network and security management to guarantee the integrity of your applications.
  • Global 24x7 support available for applications and infrastructure.
  • Trained and certified engineers give you access to a broad range of skills without you owning the cost.
  • Tailored, jointly agreed service level agreements designed to match your precise response requirements

Application Management

A full suite of added value services that allow you to concentrate on your core business:

  • Application and database hosting.
  • Application and service monitoring.
  • Application installation and configuration services.
  • Dedicated processing power to ensure optimum application performance.
  • Custom and packaged application management.
  • High resilience options available for guaranteed application availability.
  • Patch management to ensure optimum maintenance of hosted applications
  • Full infrastructure management.

Content Management

Our solutions ensure that you will have confidence in the selection of a web content management system to suit your requirements and budget. Likewise, our consultancy services help to lay all of the necessary groundwork for the development and integration of your chosen web content management system with your site.

This includes migration of current site content from multiple sources where necessary as well as integration of new data sources for comprehensive information delivery. We will also work with you to define the publishing workflow within your organisation as well as providing training to guarantee that the burden of content publishing is spread across your organisation effectively.

Document Management

Solutions in this area are focused on the document and, specifically, where documents are stored, who can access them, how changes can be controlled and for how long they are retained. Workflow processes are also created when a document management system is implemented and these empower users to work more efficiently and to get an organisation’s data working too.

D4t4 Solutions has been working with document management solutions for many years and has multiple clients supported by our team of trained and vendor-certified document management specialists.

Information Archiving

Structured and unstructured data can now be archived with equal effectiveness, enabling the value of all information assets to be maintained while maintaining accessibility and reducing costs. With the increasing burden of regulatory compliance across industry sectors, and with the scalability now possible with enterprise archiving, organisations are seeing archiving differently and recognising its ability to free up IT resources for more innovative and profitable activities.

D4t4 Solutions is experienced in the specification and delivery or archiving solutions with a trained and vendor-certified team of enterprise archiving specialists available for implementation and support.

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