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Understanding online performance is not just about website analytics. Given the enormous amount of data now available from the interactions of users on websites, mobile apps and social media channels, now true intelligence can only be derived by embracing insight from all of these touchpoints and combining it with existing knowledge of your business from offline channels.

Document Capture

Document capture frees up the information assets of an organisation, enabling the digitisation of both current and historic documents for use wherever required. The drivers for document capture may be to streamline extensive forms-based processes, for instance in the healthcare, insurance or finance sectors, or they may be geared towards demonstrating regulatory compliance or information security of data.

When combined with a document management solution, the document capture process can transform the way an organisation manages its data, increasing the value of it by improved searchability, accessibility and storage. By overcoming the limitations inherent in the management of paper-based documents, and through the strength of combining both structured and unstructured data for organisational benefit, business can unlock the potential of their data and increase its usability.

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