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In addition to powering customer analytics, the highly granular, real-time data from Celebrus Technologies can be used to drive seamless one-to-one personalisation across channels. Piecing together individuals across devices and channels to build coherent and comprehensive customer profiles is just the start. Working with technologies which orchestrate relevant and timely communications to those individuals, via their preferred channels, is where the insight created through customer analytics has a real impact on enhancing customer experiences and building brand trust.

Typical problems we help you to solve

Some of the challenges and issues that you may be encountering:

  • You have deep customer insight but find it hard to turn it into orchestrated omnichannel personalised communications.
  • You are missing the real-time data you need to power website personalisation and optimised marketing communications.
  • You can undertake personalisation across distinct channels but executing seamless omnichannel communications is hard due to the multiple technologies involved.
  • You have invested in campaign automation and personalisation technologies but you do not have rich enough to data to maximise the value you get from them.
  • You are not able to identify the context that caused customers to behave in a particular way; for instance, you cannot view what else they experienced on a webpage or app.
  • You need your customer data to reside on-premise to give you the control you need to meet regulatory and risk requirements.
  • You are concerned about your lack of governance over 3rd party technologies in terms of both privacy and security.

Who will benefit?

This solution is suitable for major digital transformation and customer experience initiatives from a variety of sectors, although we have particular expertise working with retail banks, insurers, retailers, airlines and automotive manufacturers.

Typically, the business functions that will benefit from this technology are CRM, digital marketing, customer experience, marketing communications and e-commerce.

How will this help you?

  • Orchestrate and enhance customer experiences across channels.
  • Maximise the ROI of your customer analytics investments and efforts.
  • Optimise investment in existing marketing automation and personalisation tools.
  • Shape demand to increase the lifetime profitability of your customers.
  • Increase trust in your brand.
  • Slash tagging costs while collecting complete data on interactions and experiences.

Partners and technology

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Celebrus Technologies has been designed to make it easy to feed its detailed customer data into incumbent real-time personalisation and campaign automation technologies in real-time, ensuring brands can continue to use the tools they have already invested in. Celebrus is very flexible, however it has particularly close integrations with technologies from two key partners: SAS and Teradata.

Celebrus augments the data available to SAS Customer Intelligence applications and capitalises on the power of SAS applications through the delivery of real-time customer behavioural and experiential data into an on-premise environment. SAS Customer Intelligence applications for which this solution is appropriate include:

  • SAS Real-time Decision Manager (RTDM) for real-time decisioning
  • SAS Marketing Automation (MA) for automated campaign management
  • SAS Marketing Optimisation (MO) for optimising marketing activities
  • SAS Event Stream Processing (ESP) for analysing streaming data

Celebrus has partnered with Teradata since 2008 and is the key data underpinning of its Customer Journey Business Solution. Celebrus has integrations to feed:

  • Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager (RTIM) for real-time website personalisation
  • Teradata Customer Interaction Manager (CIM) for campaign automation
  • Teradata Aster Analytics for advanced customer analytics and journey mapping
  • Teradata Data Warehouse for data centralisation and operationalisation

How to get started

If you can relate to one or more of the challenges above, or have other customer engagement and personalisation issues that you’re struggling with, then talk to us. We can let you know how we have helped our clients transform the quality of their personalisation efforts and the results they have achieved.

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