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Celebrus Technologies – Celebrus Technologies is a provider of software that captures, contextualises and delivers complete, real-time data on every individual online customer and prospect. This data is based on detailed analysis of their current and historic online behaviour and experience, giving complete online customer insight.

Software solutions built using Celebrus Technologies are being used to drive, monitor and measure online marketing activity, business processes and real-time content management systems. These include applications such as campaign management, real-time personalisation, customer segmentation, customer experience monitoring, digital intelligence and online performance measurement. Other clients are using the technology to monitor key business metrics, to provide operational insight crucial for website design and for online fraud prevention.

The Celebrus Big Data Platform is one of the most capable sets of integrated, online customer-focused applications on the market. It allows organisations to deliver a wider range of customer experience, real-time personalisation and CRM applications faster, and at lower cost, than any competitive solution.

D4t4 Solutions has been a Celebrus Technologies partner since 2000 and, as well as being a reseller for Celebrus licences, also provides a range of service and delivery options. These include data insight, usability studies and a managed service option which takes all the complexity out of your Celebrus implementation.

In 2015, D4t4 Solutions cemented its relationship with Celebrus Technologies by acquiring the company.

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Document Capture

Kofax Capture – Kofax Capture automates and accelerates business processes by capturing all types of paper and electronic documents and forms. Kofax Capture transforms documents into accurate and actionable information and delivers them into your core business applications, processes and workflows. Whether your information is on paper or in electronic files, wherever it is within your organisation, Kofax Capture can help you handle it all.

Offering unmatched scalability, Kofax Capture is a powerful, enterprise-ready capture platform. It captures information from virtually any source: scanner, multi-function printer, print stream, e-mail, fax, web service or folder. It automates capture driven processes wherever documents are received, regardless of the location, source, language or type.

No matter what hardware or enterprise applications you choose now or in the future, you can rely on Kofax Capture to ensure consistent document capture, indexing and validation of your important information.

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