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With the need to understand customers as cohesive, omnichannel individuals a must today, the sophistication of customer analytics has accelerated at breakneck speed. Whether your focus is journey mapping, profiling, predictive analytics or a multitude of other purposes, highly granular digital customer data is a fundamental underpinning of modern customer analytics. Our solution enables the building of comprehensive profiles of individual customers to power advanced customer analytics that delivers exceptional insight and outcomes.

Typical problems we help you to solve

Some of the challenges and issues that you may be encountering:

  • Your customer analytics programmes are being held back by poor or incomplete customer data.
  • The time and effort needed to collect and integrate data is detracting from using the data to deliver enhanced insight.
  • You have analytical data on your customers but it’s not delivering the insight you seek.
  • You can’t understand context around behaviours because you lack data about what customers experienced e.g. order of flights shown or stock levels indicated.
  • You have to wait too long to get access to your data to deliver analytics at the speed of business today.
  • You need your customer data to reside on-premise to give you the control you need to meet regulatory and risk requirements.
  • You lack the in-house analytical expertise to turn your data into the advanced insight that will form a key foundation of your digital transformation.

Who will benefit?

This solution is suitable for organisations focused on increasing the depth and quality of their customer analytics, often as part of a broader digital transformation initiative. It is used in multiple sectors but we have experienced particular success in banking, insurance, retail, airlines and automotive manufacturing.

Typically, the business functions that will benefit from this technology are customer analytics, customer experience, data science, CRM, marketing and e-commerce.

How will this help you?

  • Deepen customer understanding for competitive advantage.
  • Uncover previously hidden customer insight.
  • Build omnichannel journey maps that optimise experiences.
  • Shape demand to increase customer lifetime profitability.
  • Optimise pricing and product strategies.
  • Slash tagging costs while collecting complete data on interactions and experiences.

Partners and technology

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Celebrus Technologies enables the collection of sophisticated behavioural and experiential data on customers from digital channels. It is used in multiple customer analytics applications, most notably from leading providers SAS and Teradata.

Celebrus augments the data available to SAS and capitalises on the power of SAS applications through the delivery of real-time customer data into an on-premise environment. This delivers competitive advantage through increased customer insight and can also be used to provide solutions in other areas like fraud detection.

SAS Customer Intelligence applications for which this solution is appropriate include:

  • SAS Real-time Decision Manager (RTDM) for real-time decisioning
  • SAS Marketing Automation (MA) for automated campaign management
  • SAS Marketing Optimisation (MO) for optimising marketing activities
  • SAS Event Stream Processing (ESP) for analysing streaming data

Celebrus is also the fundamental underpinning of Teradata’s “Connected Data” capability, one of the three pillars of Teradata’s Customer Journey Business Solution. Beyond the fundamental steps of gathering and connecting customer data, Teradata’s complete business solution enables organisations to map and analyse customer journeys in unprecedented detail (“Connected Analytics”), and turn that insight into orchestrated interactions across channels and devices (“Connected Interactions”). Celebrus and Teradata have together developed integrated feeds into:

  • Teradata Aster Analytics for advanced customer analytics and journey mapping
  • Teradata Data Warehouse for data centralisation and operationalisation
  • Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager (RTIM) for real-time website personalisation
  • Teradata Customer Interaction Manager (CIM) for campaign automation

How to get started

If you can relate to one or more of the challenges above, or have other customer analytics issues that you’re struggling with, then talk to us. We will let you know how we have helped our clients create considerable competitive advantage by transforming the depth and quality of their customer analytics.

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