Solutions for Marketing

Celebrus captures insightful customer data
that drives more effective marketing.

We enable better understanding of the factors driving customer interaction, using that data to optimize marketing programs for maximum ROI.

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Celebrus for Heads of Digital Marketing

Discover how we can help you to optimize the effectiveness of your digital marketing and drive enhanced customer experiences.

Data for more efficient attribution,
acquisition, retention and retargeting

Marketing investments are under constant scrutiny while expectations of marketing performance continue to grow, especially in the digital arena.

Driven by the need to justify marketing spend, businesses need to:

  • Model marketing attribution to understand what tactics most effectively deliver opportunity across the customer journey.
  • Maximize that opportunity with the right messages at the right time.
  • Predict demand with forecasting models based on accurate data.

Accelerate value and returns
from marketing initiatives

Celebrus clients have:

  • Clear marketing attribution data on the customer journey - online, offline and across all digital channels.
  • Insight into "browse-to-buy" and "browse-to-apply" behaviors that feed continual improvement of marketing programs.
  • The ability to retarget customers - in real-time - with offers based on their buying signals.


The four elements of the Celebrus CDP Solution

Capture compliant customer behavior and experience data captured from across your digital channels using a patented rapid deployment capability

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Create a unified stream of events and signals, structuring them into profiles at scale for complete coverage of all your customer’s multi-channel interactions

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Connect to leading enterprise applications that drive deep customer insight, advanced analytics and real-time decisioning to power genuine

Find out more about Data Connect

Control customer data securely and compliantly in an on-premise, cloud or hybrid environment of your choice with complete authority over processing and policies

Find out more about Data Control


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