Solutions for Customer Analytics

Celebrus captures the granular
customer data required for accurate, insightful analytics.

We underpin the delivery of time-critical analytics that drive increased understanding and improved customer engagement - data is sent to your preferred analytics tools at exactly the speed of your choosing.

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Celebrus for Heads of Analytics

Learn how to benefit from an omnichannel single customer view and real-time capabilities with our products and services.

Customer data for
timely analytics across lines of business

Accurate analytics is the lifeblood of modern enterprises, not just for understanding customer intentions but also for creating accurate models for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

However, businesses struggle to:

  • Create optimized predictive models that enable accurate forecasting.
  • Understand the root causes of customer actions or inactions.
  • Overcome performance issues on websites, mobile apps and other digital channels that hold back revenue growth.
  • Capitalize on the promise of AI/ML with precise models and algorithms.

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high quality, clean customer data

Celebrus clients have:

  • Detailed customer behavior and experience data that supports real-time scoring and event triggering.
  • The ability to track customer journeys across channels - through to outcome.
  • The power to create new opportunities for better customer engagement and increased profitability with accurate algorithms for AI and ML.


The four elements of the Celebrus CDP Solution

Capture compliant customer behavior and experience data captured from across your digital channels using a patented rapid deployment capability

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Create a unified stream of events and signals, structuring them into profiles at scale for complete coverage of all your customer’s multi-channel interactions

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Connect to leading enterprise applications that drive deep customer insight, advanced analytics and real-time decisioning to power genuine

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Control customer data securely and compliantly in an on-premise, cloud or hybrid environment of your choice with complete authority over processing and policies

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