Solutions for AI & ML

Celebrus captures the granular data that drives successful AI and ML initiatives.

We underpin AI and ML with a foundation of unrivaled customer data.
Data is activated in real-time to rapidly operationalize AI and ML projects, accelerating value and delivering genuine returns.

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Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study

Celebrus: Cost Savings & Business Benefits Enabled by Real-Time Data & Decisioning

"Celebrus lets us better understand and assist with our customers' goals, and in turn, our customers become more loyal to our brand."

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Optimized data for the demands of
real-time decisioning and personalization at scale

Harnessing the power of AI and ML is a significant undertaking in itself but doing so profitably increases the challenge further.

Realizing the value from AI/ML projects relies on a business overcoming issues like:

  • Incomplete data that reduces the efficiency of AI/ML models.
  • Untimely data that causes AI/ML applications to deliver a sub-optimal user experience.
  • Inaccurate data that fails to play to the strengths of the algorithms and models developed for AI/ML.

Drive better customer engagement and
profitability with optimized AI/ML

Celebrus clients have:

  • Accurate customer data that drives really effective AI/ML programs.
  • Real-time data that fuels next-best-actions for unrivaled customer experience.
  • Complete customer data for optimized AI/ML projects that drive rapid value.

The four elements of the Celebrus CDP Solution

Capture compliant customer behavior and experience data captured from across your digital channels using a patented rapid deployment capability

Find out more about Data Capture

Create a unified stream of events and signals, structuring them into profiles at scale for complete coverage of all your customer’s multi-channel interactions

Find out more about Data Create

Connect to leading enterprise applications that drive deep customer insight, advanced analytics and real-time decisioning to power genuine

Find out more about Data Connect

Control customer data securely and compliantly in an on-premise, cloud or hybrid environment of your choice with complete authority over processing and policies

Find out more about Data Control

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