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The industry’s leading real-time enterprise CDP
Celebrus Customer Data Platform (V9)

View this webinar from Matthew Tod, Chief Data Officer at D4t4 Solutions, where he talks about the key new innovative updates in Celebrus v9.

Cost Savings & Business Benefits Enabled by Real-time Data & Decisioning
The Total Economic Impact™ of Celebrus

David Park, Consultant, Forrester Consulting and Matthew Tod, Chief Data Officer, D4t4 Solutions plc host a webinar discussing the findings of this TEI study.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are technologies that banks and other enterprise organizations are increasingly embracing. To help understand what organizations aim to achieve and the challenges they are facing, Celebrus and Dell EMC commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an extensive study into the way enterprises are using this technology. The resulting Total Economic Impact (TEI) study surveyed a number of organizations to reveal their approach to AI and ML strategies, as well as the barriers to success they face. The Forrester Consulting team also conducted extensive research into a leading European bank’s use of Celebrus in combination with a best of-breed enterprise decisioning solution. This study examines the bank’s use of these technologies to achieve 1-to-1 personalization and quantifies the benefits they achieved through this project.

Customer Data Platforms in Financial Services
Customer Data Platforms in Financial Services

CDP Institute founder David Raab hosts this webinar and is joined by Matthew Tod, Chief Data Officer at D4t4 Solutions, for a discussion of the CDP Institute’s paper on Customer Data Platforms in Financial Services.

Financial services organizations are experiencing complexity and marketing challenges as they attempt to compliantly personalize and optimize the customer journey across a growing number of channels. Watch to see how leading banking and insurance organizations are leveraging Customer Data Platforms to transform their customer engagement programs. This webinar also analyzes the changing needs of financial services organizations and identifies the capabilities that they require from a Customer Data Platform.

GDPR and Celebrus
Introduction to GDPR with Celebrus

The webinar provides a discussion around consent and the legal basis for the processing of personal data. We then look behind the scenes at the Celebrus Customer Data Platform; how it effects the processing of personal data and what it can do to help

Hosted by Ant Phillips, Product Architect, Celebrus

Accelerate Business Success by Tracking Customers Across Channels
Accelerate Business Success by Tracking Customers Across Channels

The webinar outlines the findings of a recent study commissioned by Celebrus and conducted by Forrester Consulting.

Hosted by Celebrus and featuring James McCormick, Principal Analyst, Consumer Insights, Forrester; Nick Holman, Senior Data Scientist, N Brown Group and Matthew Tod, Chief Data Officer, Celebrus. Highlights included:

  • Only 26% of businesses surveyed are able to use data to improve customer experience for all or most of their customers’ interactions
  • Nearly two-thirds of surveyed organizations have difficulty recognizing customers across digital channels
  • Almost all firms recognize the importance of tracking on customer engagement and that technology is key to making it work
Properly Managing Customer Consent for GDPR and the Sentient Enterprise
PODCAST: Properly Managing Customer Consent for GDPR and the Sentient Enterprise

In this podcast, Russell Tewkesbury, Sales Director - Celebrus, shares that their system collects individual data with a minimum of technical input and that Celebrus is part of an emerging Gartner category called Customer Data Platforms, which are systems that gather data about individual customers in a compliant way and make it available to the systems that need it for analytics.

He provided details on the Celebrus recently released GDPR-compliant solution that enables their customers to properly manage consent.

Ron Powell, independent analyst and industry expert, conducted this interview on 11 Dec 2017.


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