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Find out more about Celebrus and why it is the critical digital big data foundation to drive customer-centricity.

Celebrus v9.2
About Celebrus

Power Your Enterprise with the most granular Customer Data in the marketplace today. Many organizations are unable to transform into truly data-driven enterprises because they lack high-quality, real-time customer interaction data. They rely on taggingbased solutions, cookies that are not fit for purpose, and solutions that generally are facing hard times due to industry regulations and browser changes.

Celebrus v9.2
Celebrus for ML Solution Overview

Out-of-the-box Machine Learning (ML) capabilities include 50+ automated marketing signals (AMS); newly embedded natural language processing (NLP) supports both text and customer sentiment analytics. All these new, pre-configured ML insights work hand-in-hand with your enterprise decisioning solutions, enabling rapid deployment of ‘in-the-moment’ personalization use cases.

Celebrus v9.1 Datasheet v1.3 20200226
Celebrus version 9.1 Data Sheet

Celebrus further advances it’s positioning as the enterprise customer data tool of choice for Banking and Insurance sectors. 9.1 shows some exciting new features which include enhanced data capture capabilities from Accelerated Mobile Pages and BYOC.

Celebrus v9 Datasheet 20190415
Celebrus version 9 Data Sheet

This major release features a comprehensively re-architected solution which delivers a host of new features that broaden the appeal of Celebrus to enterprises within financial services.

Enhancing Teradata with Celebrus v1.0 PDF
Enhancing Teradata with Celebrus

Leading enterprises rely on Teradata solutions to extract value from their data and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. To benefit fully from these best of breed data management, analytics and Real Time Interaction Management capabilities, enterprises must ensure that the data they feed Teradata is of the highest possible quality...

Celebrus for Insurance 20200819
Celebrus for Insurance

Celebrus enhances Insurance customers’ experience through individual level personalization. Learn how Insurers are leveraging the Celebrus Customer Data Platform to obtain the granular, high quality, first party data necessary for genuine 1-to-1 marketing.

Celebrus-CCPA Data Sheet 20182410
Celebrus and The California Consumer Privacy Act - Assisting with the journey to compliance

Celebrus is a CCPA-compliant customer data platform which enables organizations who capture or process the data of Californian citizens to easily accommodate the new rights which the CCPA will bring them.

Celebrus for Retail Banking 20200708
Celebrus for Retail Banking

The Celebrus real-time Customer Data Platform delivers granular, high quality, first party customer data. Learn how Banks are utilizing Celebrus Customer Data Platform to optimize decisioning and achieve genuine 1-to-1 marketing.

Celebrus Mobile Data Sheet 0918
Celebrus Mobile Data Capture

The Celebrus real-time Customer Data Platform captures granular, high quality, first party customer experience and behavior data from all mobile devices.

The Celebrus Real-Time Enterprise CDP
The Celebrus Real-Time Enterprise CDP

The Celebrus Customer Data Platform (CDP) captures both highly detailed behavioral and experiential data.  Celebrus then transforms and enriches it to enable the creation of rich and deep contextual understanding of individuals.

Celebrus and GDPR GA Data Sheet 20181024
Celebrus and GDPR. Assisting with the journey to compliance

Celebrus is a GDPR-compliant customer data platform, enabling and managing the necessary digital consent from customers for capturing their data and passing it to downstream applications in order to facilitate the journey to compliance. It has enabled compliance for data protection laws in multiple jurisdictions for many years. The Celebrus software includes many features that support clients in achieving compliance:


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