Getting Started

Help and advice on how to start using digital intelligence and analytics to drive business value from individual-level customer data including specific examples for some key industries.

Why Celebrus? The Real-time Enterprise Customer Data Platform
Why Celebrus? The Real-time Enterprise Customer Data Platform

An overview of the key benefits of Celebrus, the leading real-time enterprise Customer Data Platform, which captures the market’s most complete picture of customer behavior and experience.

Celebrus & GDPR-A Practical Guide to GDPR Compliance
Celebrus & GDPR - A Practical Guide to GDPR Compliance
Topics: GDPR Compliance, Marketing Cloud Platforms

A practical guide for users of digital marketing cloud platforms. An explanation of GDPR challenges and the legal basis required for data processing. Outlining considerations for marketing cloud users and the opportunities GDPR represents for businesses.

Celebrus Technologies and Teradata Digital Analytics Handbook EB161015
Digital Analytics Handbook - The Crawl, Walk, Run approach to getting value from data.

Digital analytics can help organizations drive value from their data no matter their current level of analytics maturity.  Getting started can, however, seem a little daunting.  This handbook from Celebrus and Teradata, which includes a perspective from Professor Tom Davenport, takes a “crawl, walk, run” approach to getting value from data, so no matter what level of experience your organization has, you can still drive value from that most critical business asset – data. 

The handbook outlines a number of analytics techniques which clients from a variety of industries have used to help them meet business goals and stay ahead of their competitors.

Celebrus Technologies 5 Top Tips to Individual Data BP080616
5 Top Tips to Individual Data - The best tips to getting started with individual-level online data.

Based on real-life experiences, feedback and advice from existing Celebrus customers, as well as input from our own implementation and support teams, here are our top five reasons and tips for starting your Celebrus implementation now with minimal impact on time, resources and effort.

The Celebrus Partner Program
The Celebrus Partner Program
Topics: Partner Program

This document outlines the benefits of becoming a Celebrus Pinnacle Partner and explains how the program is structured and how to become a part of it.

Celebrus Chief Data Officer 20190214
Celebrus for Chief Data Officers
Topics: Data uses - Driving Efficiencies

Find out how our products and services can simplify your use of data and drive efficiencies across the organization.

Celebrus Head of Customer Analytics 20190214
Celebrus for Heads of Analytics
Topics: Single Customer View - Omnichannel

Learn how to benefit from an omnichannel single customer view and real-time capabilities with our products and services.

Celebrus Head of Digital Marketing 20190214
Celebrus for Heads of Digital Marketing
Topics: Customer Experience

Discover how we can help you to optimize the effectiveness of your digital marketing and drive enhanced customer experiences.

Celebrus Head of Data Science 20190214
Celebrus for Data Scientists
Topics: Predictive Modeling - Advanced Analytics

Unearth the true value of your customer data through sophisticated tools for predictive modeling and advanced analytics.


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