Product Information What is the Celebrus CDP?

Collecting data

Celebrus is used by global businesses in banking, insurance, retail, travel, automotive and telco industries, collaborating with leading industry partners to drive rapid transformation in customer engagement programmes.

The four elements of the Celebrus CDP Solution

Graphic: Capture, Create, Connect, Control


Graphic: Capture

Capture first-party customer behaviour and experience data captured from across your digital channels using a patented rapid deployment capability


Graphic: Create

Create a unified stream of events and signals, structuring them into profiles at scale for complete coverage of all your customer’s multi-channel interactions


Graphic: Connect

Connect to leading enterprise applications that drive deep customer insight, advanced analytics and real-time decisioning to power genuine 1-to-1 marketing


Graphic: Control

Control customer data securely and compliantly in an on-premise, cloud or hybrid environment of your choice with complete authority over processing and policies

The multi-patented Celebrus Rapid Acquisition Capability enables faster
set up, CAPTURING better data at lower cost

Customer Experience

Icon: Browser

All major web and mobile browsers in last 10 years

Icon: Finger pressing App

All iOS, Android and Windows mobile and tablet apps

Icon: Chatbot

Automated and manual live chat and voice control on web & mobile

Marketing Activity

Icon: Loud speaker

Email and display advertising across all channels

Icon: Screen with arrow

Video and audio streaming interaction

Icon: Thumbs up

Views, shares, likes and retweets across all social channels

Profile Enrichment

Icon: Profile

CRM, contact management and offline customer data

Icon: Multi-directional arrows

Application forms and shopping baskets

Icon: Cloud with cog

All connected IOT devices and data enrichments

Celebrus CREATES detailed customer data which powers systems of insight,
engagement and artificial intelligence


Triggers and signals derived from events

Signal scores based upon aggregated events and predictive models for use in decision making and personalisation applications


Unified interaction data clickstream

Raw interaction and experience events, enriched and delivered in real-time for use in streaming analytics


Individual customer profiles for 1-to-1
and segmentation

Summarised profile of an individual's behaviour over time and channels for analytics, decisioning, personalisation and AI/ML


Customer analytics and
reporting data feed

75+ structured data tables and the source event tables for use in reporting, analytics and AI/ML

Celebrus CONNECTS customer data for activation in true real-time to enterprise
class insight, engagement and AI/ML platforms

The Celebrus CDP connects to:

Icon: Linked systems

Decisioning systems

Icon: Converging lines

Real-time streams

Icon: Cloud with arrows

Marketing clouds

Icon: Data charts

Discovery & BI platforms

Icon: Building with windows

Data warehouses

Icon: Screen showing loudspeaker


Celebrus has all the CONTROL features required by large global enterprises
to facilitate rollout and management


  • On premise/cloud/hybrid options
  • Regulatory consent management
  • First party customer data ownership
  • Product security inc. penetration testing


  • Change management controls
  • Rigorous SLA and extensive support
  • Extensive licencing options


  • Role based access control
  • Comprehensive audit logging
  • Analyst friendly interface


  • Enterprise solution integrations
  • Proven enterprise scalability
  • Highly resilient and reliable

Celebrus Real-Time Enterprise CDP

Video thumbnail: Celebrus Real-Time Enterprise CDP

Celebrus is the only Customer Data Platform which can power genuine real-time 1-to-1 customer experiences

  • Tagging free fully compliant customer data capture across all channels
  • Create comprehensive and highly accurate customer profiles
  • Detect signals of opportunity or threat from customer behaviour in real time
  • Connect customer data to enterprise decisioning or analytics applications in real time
  • Achieve complete control of your customer data

Cross-channel Tracking

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