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The much-heralded EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became enforceable from May 2018. It requires that all organisations handling data of EU citizens comply with its legal requirements.

Celebrus has enabled compliance for data protection laws in multiple jurisdictions for many years. The EU GDPR is perhaps the most stringent of these laws to come into force to date and, under it, Celebrus is classed as a processor of personal data on behalf of its clients (the data controllers). The Celebrus software includes many features that support clients in achieving compliance.
Celebrus and GDPR GA – Assisting with the journey to compliance)

GDPR considerations for marketing cloud users

Marketing cloud users have to analyse their current infrastructure and determine whether it is capable of delivering the target data management process.

Celebrus is fully integrated with the leading marketing cloud solutions and is capable of automating data compliance policies on behalf of the data controller. This document outlines the considerations for marketing cloud users and the opportunities GDPR represents for businesses
Celebrus & GDPR – A Practical Guide to GDPR Compliance

If you are an Adobe Experience Cloud user this guide outlines a practical solution leveraging the powerful consent management capabilities within Celebrus which are fully integrated with Adobe Experience Cloud.
The Path to GDPR Compliance - A practical guide for Adobe Experience Cloud users to overcoming customer data challenges

Celebrus captures data with the minimum of technical input and is part of an emerging Gartner category called Customer Data Platforms – systems that gather data about individual customers in a compliant way and make that data available to the systems that need it for analytics.
Listen to the interview conducted by independent analyst and industry expert, Ron Powell with Russell Tewkesbury, Sales Director - Celebrus

Maximise the power of Adobe Experience Cloud with Celebrus

Video thumbnail: Maximise the power of Adobe Experience Cloud with Celebrus

Celebrus now features a tight integration with Adobe Experience Cloud which delivers:

  • Compliant, first party PII data of the highest quality to Adobe
  • A reduction in the effort and cost associated with data capture
  • The ability to profile and activate customer data to achieve 1-to-1 personalisation,
  • Tight integrations with leading decision engines which enable the real-time flow of next-best-actions into Adobe
  • And the ability to manage consent across channels to ensure compliance with GDPR

Feed the Pega brain with granular Celebrus customer data

Video thumbnail: Feed the Pega brain with granular Celebrus customer data

Celebrus features a tight integration with Pegasystems Customer Decision Hub which provides:

  • The ability to capture highly granular, compliant, first party data, in real-time
  • Individual customer profiles containing all historical behavioral data
  • The ability to structure customer data within milliseconds of capture and identify pre-processed behavioral signals
  • Real-time bi-directional connectivity between Celebrus and Pega, which enhance next-best-actions and enable genuine 1-to-1 personalisation

Cross-channel Tracking

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