Celebrus In Action

Celebrus Customer Data Platform is used to create the customer data needed to power a wide range of business initiatives

Celebrus creates the customer data needed to power a wide variety of use cases including 1 to 1 personalized marketing, analytics and insight, customer service, commercial, risk and fraud and compliance


1-to-1 personalized marketing experience

Increased cross-selling using 1:1 personalization

Celebrus creates detailed individual customer profiles in real-time. These profiles capture all the interest and experience of a consumer across digital channels.

Profiles can be augmented with external data and used to feed decisioning engines and true 1-to-1 personalization channels. True 1-to-1 personalization is more effective than segment based approaches and may also be a requirement in some regulated industries.

Increased customer retention with targeted intervention

Celebrus customer profiles can be used to enhance existing customer churn models by adding individual level digital behavior and

Powerful new modeling variables - created for responses to renewal or reactivation campaigns, on-page or in-app interactions and the nature of customer experiences captured by Celebrus - significantly improve customer retention rates.

Retargeting interested consumers

Celebrus collects behavioral data and creates actionable profiles in real-time. These profiles aggregate all known information and are GDPR compliant.

These profiles, which can include which products a consumer is interested in as well as the depth of interest, can then be used to drive campaigns on Facebook and Google. With Celebrus individuals are no longer targeted with products they have already bought!

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Analytics & insight

More cost-effective customer acquisition

Celebrus creates individual consumer profiles that can include every campaign seen as well as every type of interaction and the resulting business impact.

This data is invaluable for full attribution analysis as it stitches together all known interaction across channels and time creating a uniquely detailed data set for advanced marketing and attribution analysis.

Detailed digital channel insight and reporting

Celebrus creates the cross channel data and customer profiles needed to create bespoke reporting and insight that goes far beyond traditional tools.

The data created can be used to answer the questions business really need answered:

  • Who is on my website?
  • Why are they here?
  • What are they interested in?
  • How was the experience for them?

These simple but powerful questions are impossible to answer using traditional methods and are vital to inform strategic decisions

Advanced customer experience analysis

Celebrus captures the most detailed customer experience data of any CDP enabling very powerful and granular omnichannel customer journey analytics.

Individual level customer profiles with associated behavior and customer experience can be turned into detailed cross channel customer journey maps using modern data analytics tools.

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Customer service

Making Chatbots smarter with context

Celebrus collects chatbot interaction data and all the associated data an individual creates as they try to solve a customer service issue.

This contextual data is invaluable for chatbots and automated agents as it provides the essential context missing from most technologies. Without context a bot will, for example, direct you to content you have already looked at or suggest a solution you have already tried, leading to dissatisfaction with the bot, and incurring costs answering questions in the traditional manner.

Reducing contact center costs by diverting calls

Celebrus creates the customer data needed to enable root cause analysis of calls to contact centers.

By capturing all the details of customer interaction with digital channels prior to a call center contact, analysts can determine the issues in digital channels that are driving calls. The results of these analyzes can result in significantly lower costs as consumers undertake more self-service and enable more engaging and simpler online experience.

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Enhanced demand forecasting

Celebrus creates data about customers and the products they are interested in and how they engage with individual products.

This data can be used to review product interest by customer segment, and then split further by size, color and geography. Combined, this data allows for much better demand forecasting by style or segment and improved stock allocation to stores.

Monetizing behavioral data

Celebrus collects first party data on every interaction within digital channels. This data can contain product interest, location and content exposure, and can be delivered in real-time, thus creating a genuine asset that can be monetized.

This data can be sold, subject to having the right permissions and consent, to other organizations as ‘second party’ data.

Improved pricing and promotion decisions

To understand how consumers react to prices and promotions, Celebrus captures all data related to prices and promotions. For example prices the consumer sees including current price, previous price, discount and offer are all linked to an individual.

This pricing and offer data can be used to segment consumers into price-related groups or used to understand how price drives digital behavior and sales across channels. The results are improved margins when this insight is practically applied.

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Risk & fraud

Better credit and risk decision making

Celebrus creates data related to individuals which can be augment any existing credit or risk models.

The way individuals find a website, the depth of interaction and- crucially - the interaction sequence and response to offers generate additional data that has been proven to enhance existing models. Celebrus provides all this data in real-time which means models can also be applied in real-time and trigger immediate decisions.

Fraud and suspicious activity detection

Celebrus captures very rich data that can be used to detect anomalies – customers, or agents, that are behaving in unexpected or unwanted ways.

Fraud, price scraping, competitor monitoring, hacking attempts, content theft and many more malicious activities can be detected by running real-time artificial intelligence models using the real-time data generated by Celebrus.

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Detecting & protecting vulnerable customers

Celebrus creates the customer profiles and behavioral data required to enable the detection of vulnerable customers across all digital channels.

By assembling detailed records and then using scoring models, individuals who are potentially vulnerable or compromised can be identified. Once identified they can be analyzed to better understand their experience; immediate intervention can also be launched if appropriate.

Cross-channel privacy & consent management

Celebrus captures and maintains customer consent preferences in real-time across all digital channels.

Privacy compliance assured by dynamic control over data capture. Customer experience improved by immediate application of consent choices. Consent-driven permissions also shared with applications across the enterprise.

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