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Nothing comes for free...but nearly

Published: Friday, 12 December 2014 12:04 by Lincoln Goldspink, Chief Technology Officer
Big Data Analytics

Nothing in this world comes for free.

Celebrus is a commercial product, hence it costs in monetary terms. But what about performance? What impact does Celebrus data collection have on the performance of a HTML based website? Zero? Zero is the answer many would dearly love to hear, but that's not actually accurate. How could Celebrus collect data without causing any impact whatsoever? It can't...and neither can any other technology.

So, am I saying Celebrus data collection impacts website performance? For sure I am, but it's small. Really, really small.

It fact, it’s so minimal that it’s completely imperceptible to the visitor, which is of course the primary concern. Can the performance impact be measured? Well, that depends. Modern browsers open multiple HTTP connections simultaneously, so the Celebrus data collection occurs asynchronously, hence doesn't block the website's normal activities. Measuring performance using a performance monitoring tool whereby only a single HTTP connection is in use at any one time, and where no caching of script is being performed, and there'll be a noticeable impact, but that isn’t truly representative of the real-world.

Celebrus has some unique capabilities when it comes to being a well behaved, polite component. Celebrus data collection agents are not dumb; they actually understand if things are not going well, such as a troublesome internet connection, and  will then back off, letting the main functions of the site run without the tiny additional load of the agent. This type of inbuilt intelligence is what enables Celebrus clients to have some of the fastest websites around; Shop Direct was the fastest retail website in Europe in 2013  

So no – nothing comes entirely for free...but some things are pretty darn close!

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