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Published: Tuesday, 17 November 2015 by Ant Phillips, Senior Developer
Digital Intelligence

In the last six months we have witnessed a tipping point in mobile deployments of Celebrus. It is pretty clear to us that for many customers mobile traffic now exceeds traditional desktop traffic.  For example, the brand owned by our customer Shop Direct saw mobile device sales grow 51% between June 2014 and 2015 and mobile now accounts for 59% of their total online sales. We have offered data collection from mobile apps for some time now, and with our latest release of the Celebrus Big Data Engine Version 8 Update 14 we have expanded and improved this support dramatically.

Here are the highlights of our latest Celebrus software release:

Windows Phone

It might only have small market share but there a host of companies out there offering apps for Windows Phone. Not surprisingly we now support Windows Phone with full data collection capabilities.


Automatic instrumentation

This is possibly one of the coolest features we have in the mobile space. In the website world, we provide a complete understanding of customer behavior with essentially no changes to the application (apart from including a single script tag in the app). We now provide this same simplicity for mobile. A single API call to us and we instrument your entire application so that data is collected across all controls. This is available for all platforms on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Enhanced battery life

As we all know, battery life is vital to the end user experience. Data collection on the other hand is a continuous process and can easily consume battery power even when the user isn’t actively using the app. With this release we’ve provided new options so your app can completely control when data is collected and when it is transmitted.


Native/WebView linkage

Another key feature requested by our users. The ability to link activity across native and WebView components in your app. The collected data forms a single integrated session which is perfect for analysis, decisioning and discovery.


Developer ease of use

Being a developer myself, this feature lands really well with me. We’ve added a host of new features to simplify the developer experience. You can now run your mobile apps with data collection enabled and without a Celebrus deployment, essentially a dry run environment. Equally useful are new options for logging and diagnostics.


This is another really exciting Celebrus release for us moving the state-of-the-art forwards in the mobile space will be a great benefit to our customers in every industry.

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