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Beyond the cookie

Published: Monday, 02 February 2015 10:18 by Lincoln Goldspink, Chief Technology Officer
Big Data Analytics

Celebrus automatically builds audience profiles comprising not only audience attributes, but also their behavior. Why? Well Celebrus leverages these profiles in real-time to perform behavioral targeting.

The software can identify segments in real-time, using current and historic intent, and then target those segments with offers, adverts and personalized content, or alternatively trigger a CRM, email system, call center etc to act. Additionally it can ask a decisioning system for the best next course of action and then execute on this.

But these profiles are all based upon a browser cookie aren't they? Celebrus uses cookies as an entry level form of identification, then if a user identifies themselves with a login name, account number or similar, Celebrus uses this as the primary identification mechanism within the profile.

The story doesn't end there. If an individual is using multiple devices, Celebrus can form a unified profile representing their activity across all of them. This ensures that, for example, someone who has viewed a phone on their laptop and subsequently purchased it on their tablet gets offered a range of accessories, not a discount on the phone itself. It also caters for situations where multiple individuals are using the same physical device, even when the individual changes within a browser session. 

And due to the individual-level nature of Celebrus data, it can be combined with other data sources, e.g. transactional history, credit reference etc to enable organizations to make a truly informed omnichannel decision.

This is advanced stuff, way beyond the cookie. Celebrus has been doing this stuff since 2008. This is unified, cross device audience profiles that are so essential today...and often so elusive.


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