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All you need to know about the updated version of Celebrus

Published: Monday 30th April 2018

In light of the EU’s GDPR regulations which become enforceable on May 25th, and alongside Facebook’s move to shut down their Partner Categories Program, the latest release of Celebrus couldn’t come at a better time for businesses looking for a compliant and highly effective means of collecting customer data and targeting customers through a variety of digital channels.

Notable features of update 19 include powerful new Audience Segmentation tools which enable individuals to be targeted when they are no longer active on your digital channels or the creation of custom audiences in Google and Facebook. Celebrus version 8 update 19 also features a significant integration with Adobe Experience Cloud, which, combined with the consent management solution released in update 18, provides Adobe users with a means to ensure compliance with GDPR

Audience Segmentation

New Celebrus audience segmentation tools enable businesses to improve conversions by engaging visitors after they have left their websites or mobile apps. This powerful feature can be used to reach segments of lapsed visitors with a call to action designed to drive them back online for conversion. Celebrus can now actively sweep customer data to identify customers whose behavior indicates opportunity or propensity to buy. For example, customers who have abandoned online loan or mortgage applications, or regular purchasers who have lapsed for a defined period of time can be segmented and then sent a communication or offer designed to stimulate purchasing behavior. By identifying signals of customer activity, Celebrus creates opportunities through assembling closely defined segments, who can be engaged with through highly targeted communications and a customized online experience.

Custom Audience Connector for Google & Facebook

At a time when increased data privacy constraints are leading to a diminished use of third-party data in digital marketing, Celebrus has released a solution which enables Facebook and Google users to be targeted using compliant first party data. Utilizing our new Custom Audience Connector, Celebrus can profile users based on common attributes or similar interests as well as produce lookalike audiences for customer acquisition and brand awareness campaigns. This integration is particularly relevant given the recent Facebook data scandal and the forthcoming GDPR deadline.

Data Scientists Benefit from Extended Support for Open-Source Analytical Software

The latest version of Celebrus also comes with the ability to create tables for Apache Hive data warehouse users. This update has been developed to satisfy demand from users of the existing Celebrus Hadoop Data Loader which enables organizations to consume data at scale and for advance customer analytics. Update 19 enables even quicker customer insights by speeding up the availability of data for campaign end points, to facilitate real-time 1-to-1 marketing.

Enhanced Capabilities for Adobe Experience Cloud Users

Finally, Celebrus now features a powerful and extensive integration with Adobe Experience Cloud – the industry leading digital marketing platform. In addition to configurable integrations with Adobe Campaign, Target and Audience Manager, these new Adobe connectors provide out of the box integrations with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager. This enables the real-time flow of granular Celebrus data in order to enhance Adobe’s audience segmentation and content personalization capabilities. Adobe users can now augment Adobe Analytics by introducing Celebrus as their means of customer data capture, eliminating tagging and delivering a superior and more detailed source of customer data, while reducing costs and complexity.

In addition, this integration provides users of Adobe Experience Cloud with real-time access to next best actions from best-of-breed decisioning engines such as Pegasystems, SAS and Teradata. As a result, for the first time Adobe Experience Cloud users are able to move beyond segmentation to deliver sophisticated 1-to-1 marketing with next best actions that are received within milliseconds, enabling web content to be customized prior to a page loading.

To find out more about the latest release of Celebrus, or to discover how Celebrus can deliver real-time 1-to-1 marketing for your organization, contact a member of our expert team.


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