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Will British Airways measure my customer experience?

Published: Monday, 16 January 2017 by Matthew Tod, Head of Analytics, D4t4 Solutions Plc
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I've just flown from London to Amsterdam to moderate an ecommerce conference. All good fun! But the flight was not without a few customer experience bumps; nothing too bad but we all know that repeated poor experience drives propensity to look for a different airline.

So assuming BA wants to understand my customer experience and maybe take some action I thought I would list out my data trail from that flight. The data I have given BA includes:
•    Skyscanner referral to BA
•    Website interaction to research flight
•    Upgrade, hotel, and car offers etc. made and rejected
•    Booking transaction including price
•    Service email opening / read a couple of times (I'm too lazy to add to my calendar)
•    Automated check-in (fail!)
•    Check-in details
•    App usage including check of my points while waiting and waiting
•    Feedback response

In addition to the data I left there is some essential context available from their operational system:
•    Flight info (delay)

And then to understand me better, and work out if this poor experience actually damaged my lifetime value, they almost certainly also hold:
•    Previous transaction history
•    Marketing segmentation

So does BA really want to understand my experience? Well they have to blend these twelve data sources to enable proper customer experience analytics. Looking at any single component will not provide a realistic view, and more importantly would not enable real understanding of why this customer started to reduce the number of BA flights he takes.

Once this data wrangling might have sounded like an impossible challenge, but the rapid growth of FREE big data analytics tools and platforms such as Hadoop and, more importantly, Apache Spark now make this accessible to every business, let alone British Airways. These developments have crushed the costs of creating the data needed to do customer experience analytics as well as all forms of customer and marketing analytics.

So I believe the world has changed; practical, cost effective and valuable customer experience analytics is available for all. I'm really hoping BA are doing real customer experience analytics - I want them to detect the issues and fix them to improve my personal experience!

If you would like to talk about really measuring customer experience, joining multiple data sets and then creating insight drop me a line. 

And British Airways don't fret too much; I still love you, just a little less than before, and the model predicting my lifetime value will show that less love means less future value!

LinkedIn: Matthew Tod



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