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Talking to strangers just like they're friends

Published: Wednesday, 17 June 2015 13:13 by Lincoln Goldspink, Chief Technology Officer
Digital Intelligence

The online world gives brands an opportunity to form relationships with customers. Note the term customer here. These are people who have transacted with you. They are known individuals. Customers, however, typically only represent a fraction of the footfall which passes through a website's doors. Most are unknown visitors, the anonymous.

If you're not dealing with this unknown segment you're missing an opportunity.  Celebrus data capture behaves in the same way for both known and unknown visitors: it automatically builds an audience profile database detailing past and current key activity.  It then surfaces this information in real-time, providing both what the current intent is, and historic intent was. This understanding of context, available for unknown visitors as well as known customers, is important as it both shapes marketing communications and feeds into customer analytics.  Once you understand context and intent you can deliver relevant offers, incentives and messages to that individual via your website regardless of whether you know who they are.  You could for example, promote the advantages of signing up to your email marketing program: that way strangers won’t be strangers for long!

Celebrus' real-time platform has a wealth of capabilities surrounding behavioral real-time targeting of visitors to your website that can help you deliver these communications and turn these strangers into friends...and customers. These capabilities split into three: the who, what and when.
Segments are identified by powerful rule templates. These templates make reference to intent, behavior, purchases, geography, device, previous actions performed by the name but a few.
Website personalization, offers, calls to action, even content which corrects an urgent issue on the website. Alternatively Celebrus can call out to another system to invoke an email or update a CRM records for known individuals.
The precise timing of when targeting should occur is critical. Celebrus is feature rich in this department too. Want to target when the visitor is online on a specific page? Once they've been on a page for five minutes? After a period of inactivity on a page? When a specific thing occurs? This last option really demonstrates the Celebrus system's power as it ties in with the Celebrus event stream making it possible to say “when the visitor does this precise activity then target them with this”. Cool eh?

So sometimes it’s actually good to talk to strangers…and your business will thank you for it.



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