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It’s a Crowded Party, but boy is it fun to be here!!

Published: Wednesday, 30 March 2014 by Stewart Hanna, Snr Sales & Business Development

In my previous post I shared an insight into why I joined Celebrus Technologies and how I moved further up stream to deliver high fidelity and contextualized clickstream from any Mobile, Web or other Application, to a variety of downstream customer centric applications. It's been an exciting and rewarding three months in my new role at Celebrus and I'm glad I joined the party, but boy is it crowded.

How crowded you ask?
Just take a look at the latest Marketing Technology Landscape produced by Scott Brinker for 2016. With a de-duped count of logos at 3,500 and 87% growth over the previous year it's certainly a crowded space and Scott delivers great analysis of the market.

But can you find Celebrus?
Don't worry if you can't, I needed to enlist my 12yo son to help me find it with the updated layout this year. (See the Data column, third section from the top, Mobile & Web Analytics).

We've actually been acknowledged by the ChiefMarTech and the Industry for a while now....but you can be forgiven for not knowing that. Many of our clients consider their usage of Celebrus to be highly competitive, although as the market matures that is changing. Or on the other hand we can sometimes be the unsung hero behind many of our partner offerings who are well positioned in this landscape in other categories such as Audience/Market Data, Dashboards & Visualization, Business/Customer Intelligence & Data Science, Affiliate Marketing, Customer Services and many more. But to help, here is a focused view highlighting Celebrus.

Scott has correctly categorized Celebrus in the Mobile & Web Analytics segment as that's our core value prop and there really isn't another suitable category. But because our data is 1st Party, 100% owned by our clients, they leverage it is many more ways that just Web/Mobile Analytics. I've had the pleasure to engage with a number of our blue chip clients and gained an insight into how they're delivering business results and a significant return on their investment with our platform. Here are a few examples to highlight the value, time to market and scale of deployments.

  • A Global retailer delivered $100M in incremental revenue and efficiencies with a 7month ROI, plus awarded the fastest performing e-Commerce website in Europe
  • Global Airline delivered 11-33% increase in Ancillary Sales via Real-time personalized marketing offers
  • European Insurance Group delivered 24% increase in conversion rates, within 6 months
  • Asia Pacific Telecommunications operator analyzing over 800M Web sessions per month

As I said earlier and the title of this post, it’s crowded and been a busy three months.  I look forward to the challenge of being heard over the crowd, but it’s nice to know clients and partners want to talk and are engaged. If you can't hear me over the noise and want to learn more, feel free to walk over and introduce yourself virtually or physically if I'm at an event. I would love to learn about what you’re trying to achieve and help determine if Celebrus can play a role in the realization of your objectives.


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