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European "Attitudes towards personalization and privacy" research results

Published: Thursday, 05 November 2015 by Katharine Hulls, VP Marketing
Digital Intelligence

Teradata and Celebrus Technologies announces report highlighting additional country results in 'Attitudes towards personalization and privacy' research

Earlier in 2015 Redshift Research conducted research into French attitudes towards personalization on behalf of Teradata and Celebrus Technologies; these results have also been compared with the same survey undertaken in November 2014 across the UK and Germany.

The research has revealed some interesting differences in attitudes towards personalization across UK, German and French consumers. For example, while consumers in every market are actively looking for a more personalized experience, French consumers want that experience in-store (45%) rather than on the brand’s website (32%). This reinforces the need for brands in France to concentrate heavily on delivering an effective omni-channel strategy: those that focus exclusively on digital will miss out.

Achieving a personalized fit
It is clear from the research that, when done well, personalized campaigns can drive acquisition, reinforce brand engagement and build deep customer relationships. When done badly, however, personalization can negatively impact a consumer’s perception of a brand.

There are clear differences between countries, with French consumers likely to shop with a competitor following a poor experience and UK consumers more likely to share that negative experience with friends and family. German consumers are, interestingly, more forgiving of a bad experience – but also less likely to share a positive one.

Data sharing
It is also important to consider the depth and type of information customers are willing and comfortable to share to enable that personalized communication – and the very real risks associated with misunderstanding customers' data concerns.

Consumers are becoming more familiar with requests from companies for information but there are clear trends emerging regarding the type of personal information they are willing to share. Age and gender are happily shared by the vast majority, as it is the type of device being used – just 5% of consumers overall would never share age/date of birth (6% of French); while 2% of all consumers (3% of French) would never share gender.

German consumers are less willing to share information in a number of categories – for example just 19% will share household income (compared with 26% of French).  Consumers like to use social media such as Facebook to connect with the brands they want, but are not keen to share their social data, with just 24% of consumers (26% French) willing to share social media information. This is not a cultural or age-related issue; figures across all three countries are consistent and those under 25 are actually slightly less willing to share social media information than the rest of the population.

Personalization is complex and challenging – but those brands that get it right through using the data and technologies available will deliver an experience across every channel that builds consumer trust and achieves a measurably positive impact on both customers and business results.

To read the research report in full click here.


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