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Eating our own dog food – ThoughtSpot flavored!

Published: Friday, 24 June 2016 by Katharine Hulls, VP Marketing

At Celebrus we run our data capture, contextualization and delivery software on our website – eating our own dog food as they say.  That data drives our automated lead nurture program and gives us loads of insight at the individual level about our prospects so we can deliver them personalized content and feed useful information to Sales.  Pretty juicy dog food it is too…not just that dry stuff.

However, like lots of busy marketing departments, when it comes to getting more valuable insight above and beyond basic web analytics reporting, we struggle.  That’s because, although we’re fortunate in having way more detailed underlying data than many, we don’t have the right technology to build visualizations then really dig down into the data to find new insight.  All the underlying Celebrus detail which is so valuable is currently inaccessible to us.  And like many businesses, when we ask for more custom reports to uncover those hidden truths we get added to an already long queue of analytics requests or simply pushed to the bottom of the pile beneath client work.  Understandable… but all very frustrating!

So, when we started talking to ThoughtSpot about a partnership and building a demo with Celebrus data, the idea to use our own website data and have Celebrus Marketing be the guinea pigs seemed pretty obvious.  With the whole essence of ThoughtSpot being “enabling analytics at human scale” and the fact that we’re typical, business user type humans, not analytical geniuses, this was all sounding very good. 

Decision made, so we set about talking to Dai Clegg, ThoughtSpot’s EMEA Marketing Director, about what we needed to do to get started whilst our technical teams began getting our Celebrus data into ThoughtSpot.  You can read more about what that entailed in Dai’s blog soon.  At Dai’s suggestion we put together a list of initial reporting requests in which we tried to include a mixture that covered both our basic needs, along with deeper insight which we knew we could get out of the Celebrus data if only we could access it.

We’re now waiting to see a demo of ThoughtSpot with our data in it…and can’t wait to taste the flavor of this new dog food!



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