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Consistent data collection enables awesome Customer Experience

Published: Wednesday, 6 December 2017 by Matthew Tod, Head of Analytics
Big Data Analytics

The study we recently commissioned from Forrester Consulting looked into how organizations collect and use customer data.  Forrester highlighted the fact that data is not as consistently used as you might imagine: “While almost all survey respondents say their firms use data to improve customer experience, only 26% say they do it for most or all interactions.

Forrester then went on to identify that “Almost all firms today recognize the importance of data and use it to improve how they interact with customers. However, most also report that they are not able to do this consistently. Firms that cannot enhance customer experience reliably risk delivering a poor experience in a customer’s moment of need —and can turn a brand advocate into a lost customer.

Another finding was that almost two thirds of companies reported that it was hard for them to track consistently across channels. So why is consistency such a challenge?

The Celebrus team does encounter this issue quite frequently, and have identified that those organizations that struggle tend not to have a robust independent data collection strategy. Combining multiple data collectors and a wide variety of data sources that have grown up over time makes the collection of reliable and accurate data very difficult. In these cases, we advise the organization to change its approach and move towards a more optimized data collection setup.

So, what is the ideal Data Collection setup? We believe that it has the following characteristics:

  • It must work across all channels (web, mobile, app, ATM, chat, chatbot, credit card etc.)
  • Have the ability to implement regulations easily and can be adjusted as required
  • Collect data for all interactions, not just those that are tagged
  • Collect additional experiential data that is needed by advanced analytics
  • Enables data to be enriched with external reference data as needed
  • Continuous aggregation of data into individual customer profiles to facilitate real-time use
  • The ability to connect to any system that needs consumer data to power it
  • Works at the right speed for the use case

But above all, using a single, proven collection technology is essential for the consistent and effective use of data to improve customer interactions. This is because consolidating and unifying data collection will improve the quality and accuracy of your customer data, while eliminating data silos and discrepancies in the data you collect.

It is not always easy to get time and attention for a data collection strategy, but if you want to join the 26% of companies that deliver the majority of their digital interactions using data to enhance the experience, there is no choice but to do the hard yards.

To understand more about the issues and to learn more about what a good data collection strategy looks like, please do click here to get a free download of the Forrester study.

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