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Data Analytics

Analytics to Drive Data Advantage

Our analytics focus is on achieving business outcomes like growth in sales, reduction in costs and increased efficiencies. We mainly work with customer data, taking a holistic view of the customer and how to use data to enable more cost-effective growth.

The major business outcomes on which we focus our analytics are:

  • Improving customer experience.
  • Reducing customer service costs.
  • Reducing customer acquisition costs.
  • Increasing lead generation.
  • Optimising product and trading decisions.
  • Growing existing customer sales.
  • Upgrading commercial effectiveness.
  • Enhancing compliance and risk reduction.

We do big data, data blending, predictive analytics, digital analytics and prescriptive analytics; we use neural networks, and are developing techniques using artificial intelligence, but our absolute focus is on business outcome rather than the techniques and tools used.

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