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Collecting data

A scalable and flexible cloud-based service that collects, processes and analyses data from all customer data sources at the individual level. Our Rapid Analytics solution delivers a level of granularity and insight currently out of reach for most organisations and its low-cost entry point enables minimal time-to-value. It combines the most accurate digital customer behavioural data from the Celebrus Customer Data Platform with Microsoft’s industry-leading cloud platform, Azure.

For organisations with sophisticated analytics already in place, real-time data collection is also available for enhanced customer interactions and personalisation.

Typical problems we help you to solve

Some of the challenges and issues that you may be encountering:

  • You need a single version of the truth by combining data from multiple online and offline sources into a single hub.
  • Your personalisation and customer experience initiatives are being held back by poor or incomplete customer behavioural data.
  • You need to put your data into the hands of business users that can drive value from it.
  • You have analytical data on your customers but it’s not delivering the insight you seek.
  • You need to make the journey from descriptive analytics to prescriptive analytics with reporting, modelling and decision automation.
  • You are struggling to capitalise on the benefits available from machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Who will benefit?

This solution is suitable for organisations looking to rapidly enhance their understanding of customer behaviour and deepen their customer relationships. It is being used successfully in sectors like retail, banking, insurance and travel.

Typically, the business functions that will benefit from this technology are marketing, e-commerce, customer experience, customer insight, digital marketing, 1:1 marketing and data science.

How will this help you?

  • Improve the customer experience.
  • Reduce costs in areas like customer acquisition and customer service.
  • Grow existing customer sales.
  • Optimise product and trading decisions.
  • Increase understanding of customer interaction and experience, regardless of channel.
  • A secure self-service environment focused on the needs of business users.
  • Reduced time to value for big data analytics projects.
  • A scalable and performant architecture designed to grow as client needs evolve.
  • Dedicated data storage for complete privacy compliance.

D4t4 in action

Customer experience analytics and visualisation for a leading Japanese automotive manufacturer

Business challenge:

With multiple touchpoints for customer interaction, our client needed to consolidate its disparate customer data sources to give them a complete picture of experience, engagement and satisfaction for both pre- and post-sales contact. A solution was required to mine text from five different central customer data sources, including social media, surveys and call centre, along with technical, network support and customer relations data from the dealer side of the business. It was also a requirement that the data be presented in a dashboard reporting format that made it accessible to business users across the organisation.

Our solution:

D4t4 Solutions used analytics and integration skills to blend the data into a model that could be mined for customer insight, sentiment analysis and experience metrics. Our visualisation of this data enables non-technical users to drill down into the data to identify concerns emerging from customers and internal technical teams, highlighting these for action before they become serious issues. The solution is now being expanded with the addition of Celebrus data to provide even more granular data.

The solution has been implemented at the manufacturer’s UK headquarters as well as across its 200+ strong dealer network. It has become a critical tool for measuring customer sentiment, enabling our client to introduce improvements that positively impact the customer experience.

Partners and technology

Celebrus and Microsoft Azure Big Data and Analytics applications. Celebrus collects unrivalled customer behavioural and experiential data from digital channels to give not only insight into the interactions of those customers but also the context in which those interactions occurred.

Our Rapid Analytics solution makes this data available in a Microsoft Azure cloud environment and operationalises it by using the analytics capabilities of other Microsoft Azure tools, especially:

Logo: Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

For interactive visualisation of your data for business intelligence. Power BI enables drilldown into reports and dashboards, sharing among users within the organisation and updating of analytics to ensure up-to-the-minute insight.

Logo: Microsoft HDInsight

Microsoft HDInsight

For management of Hadoop clusters for big data analytics using open-source applications like Spark, Hive, MapReduce, HBase, Storm, Kafka and R-Server. This enables a high performance platform for analytics developers and data scientists.

Logo: Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse

Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse

SQL-based, petabyte-scale data warehouse capability with high elasticity that allows clients to provision and scale compute and storage rapidly.

Logo: Microsoft Cortana

Other Microsoft analytics applications

For data management, machine learning and business intelligence:

  • Microsoft Azure Databricks
  • Microsoft Data Factory
  • Microsoft Data Lake Analytics
  • Microsoft Machine Learning
  • Microsoft Stream Analytics

Clients will also receive consulting and insight expertise from our experienced team of data experts, analysts, data wranglers, statisticians and data scientists.

How to get started

If you can relate to one or more of the challenges above then talk to us. We can tell you about how we have helped our clients to achieve data insight and create new opportunities for better customer relationships.

We will also outline the rapid approach to project commencement in which we engage all key stakeholders in your business, understanding your requirements and scoping out the process by which we can jointly succeed.

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