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We offer four data and analytics services:

1. DEFINE your data and analytics strategy

We help you create a data and analytics strategy that defines the areas where the business believes it can achieve value and we develop a clear road map specific to that. The strategy also covers such issues as compliance and security in addition to people, process and evolving technology.

2. DEPLOY the right tools and build capability

We assist you in aligning data and analytics technology with your strategy by selecting and deploying the right tools. Currently most businesses have good core technology but lack analytical, visualisation and data distribution tools that bring the data to life, deliver insight and make this insight accessible to more staff. Technology is not enough though – most businesses are constrained in using the data they possess by a lack of skills in accessing, preparing and analysing the data. To overcome this, we also help you build your data and analytics capability, both internally and through the development of an ecosystem of trusted partners.

3. DISCOVER actionable insight in your data

We do the analytics and create data visualisations to help you understand your business issues in greater detail. We work closely with the business to get under the skin of its challenges and then we assemble the right data set, derived from multiple sources of structured and unstructured data, to feed the analytics process. We use descriptive and predictive techniques, with help from neural networks and visual storytellers, to create the insight needed to drive change.

4. DRIVE Tangible Value

Data and analytics only create value when better decisions are made and smarter actions taken. To enable this, we help you put data in the hands of your users and then adapt processes for them to deal with that new data. We develop new dashboard tools and processes along with higher levels of automation, powered by artificial intelligence, to ensure that data really does create a competitive advantage.

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