Customer Data Platform

Collecting data

Celebrus captures the market’s most complete picture of customer behaviour and experience, creating events and profiles in real-time for 1-to-1 personalisation and streaming analytics. Celebrus is quick and easy to deploy and connects to industry-standard data applications for customer insight and engagement. Celebrus also gives clients complete control by enabling best-in-class privacy compliance and flexible options for hosting data on-premise or securely in the cloud.

Celebrus is used by global businesses in banking, insurance, retail, travel, automotive and telco industries, collaborating with leading industry partners to drive rapid transformation in customer engagement programmes.

What is a real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

A CDP creates comprehensive customer profiles and makes them available, in real-time, for activation by other technologies in order to create deep insight and orchestrate omnichannel engagement.

Typical problems we help you to solve

Some of the challenges and issues that you may be encountering:

  • You have incumbent channel-centric technologies which cannot give you the granularity or cross-channel completeness of data that you need today.
  • Much of customer data that you collect is 3rd party, reducing your ability to control and access your data and increasing your regulatory risk.
  • You can’t understand context around behaviours because you lack data about what customers experienced e.g. order of flights shown or stock levels indicated.
  • You are missing the real-time data you need to power customer interactions through website personalisation and multi-channel marketing communications.
  • You spend too much time and money capturing, integrating and wrangling data rather than analysing and driving business value from it.
  • Your single customer view initiative has stalled whilst your competitors and industry disruptors are moving ahead at speed and impacting your success.

Who will benefit?

This solution is suitable for organisations on their digital transformation journey with challenges such as competitor pressure, complex existing technology infrastructures to work with and increasing regulatory pressures. It is relevant for all industries with large customer numbers for whom digital channels are key, in particular retail banks, insurers, retailers, airlines and automotive manufacturers with whom we have considerable experience.

Typically, the business functions that will benefit from this technology are CRM, customer analytics, digital marketing, marketing communications, customer experience and e-commerce. The data can also be used across other business functions in order to inform product and trading decisions, identify potentially fraudulent activity and improve customer service.

How will this help you?

  • Build 1st party, actionable customer profiles to power analytics and interactions.
  • Reduce time to value by enhancing, not ripping out, existing technology stacks.
  • Increase revenue and customer loyalty whilst improving business efficiency.
  • Orchestrate seamless omnichannel experiences to achieve competitive advantage.
  • Gain complete data control to reduce regulatory compliance and risk.
  • Slash tagging costs while collecting complete data on interactions and experiences.


Accelerated speed-to-value from faster deployment

Lower end-to-end TCO from “no-tagging” deployment and reduced ongoing change overheads

Faster application performance delivers enhanced conversion rates


Increased lead generation and improved customer acquisition

Higher customer satisfaction scores enhance loyalty and reduce churn

Right-time data heightens cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Campaign attribution capability optimises marketing efficiency


Integration with existing enterprise technology investments maximises overall ROI

Reduced cost through use of pre-built connectors, continuously developed with strategic partners


Control customer data with flexible deployment options: on-premise, cloud or hybrid

Ownership of rich, first-party data decreases costs and creates business value

Lower reputational risk and regulatory exposure, while reducing outlay on privacy compliance

Celebrus and GDPR

Celebrus is a GDPR-compliant Customer Data Platform, capturing customer consent preferences in real-time and seamlessly passing these details to downstream applications for an up-to-the-minute view of customer permissions. We understand customers as individuals and our unique technology can assist organisations in responding to the key elements of GDPR on their journey to compliance.

To find out more, download our GDPR Solution Overview