Sales Engineer


Celebrus Sales Engineers are responsible for working with customers and Celebrus partners to articulate Celebrus value proposition, answer technical questions and help ‘seal the deal’. We establish strong relationships and maintain those through the sales cycle working within individual relevant account strategies.


  • Demonstrate the Celebrus solutions on-site, through webinar sessions, conferences or trade shows
  • Be ready and eager to travel to meet customers, prospects and partners in support of a sales goal
  • Have the capability to respond to RFI/RFP in a way that is both precise, accurate and with a memorable ‘tone’
  • Be organized, analytical, a self-starter playing within a small team environment
  • Steer a path to remove the need for a PoC, but when required define its ‘shape’ to be brief, effective and with positive outcome to close the deal
  • Author documents for internal use from initial birth of an opportunity through to the fundamentals forming an SoW and working with our delivery teams

What have you done?

You will be able to tell us about your direct experience in some, or all, of the following:

  • How you communicate and articulate difficult concepts to a wide audience from C-level downwards at both technical and non-technical levels
  • Your ability to understand and explain the commercial benefits to a prospect, based on a reasonably detailed knowledge of the technical advantages of a system
  • Your ‘spider sense’ to be aware of and flag to management, commercial opportunities/risks in partner/client engagements
  • How effective your presentation and communication skills have been
  • Internet data collection technologies such as WebTrends , Omniture, Site Intelligence, Core Metrics, Google Analytics, Unica
  • Knowledge of web site architectures and design techniques
  • Experience in writing and/or analysis of HTML content and/or JavaScript code
  • Knowledge/experience of the Java programming language
  • Use of Content Management Real Time Decisioning Systems such as Sybase Aleri, Chordiant, SAS RDM, Oracle RTD, IBM SPSS etc
  • CRM systems such as Alterian, Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, SAP, Oracle CRM/Hyperion, Right Now – in the context of their use in customer solutions, rather than for ‘sales lead tracking’ (although our sales leaders consider that part ‘extra points’..)
  • How you have used SQL querying languages, and databases including MySQL, Oracle, Teradata
  • Complex system architectures down to a component level
  • Operating systems, which would include Linux, Windows – you can tell us about Vax/VMS because some of our customers still use that and are dependant on it

If you have read through to here, and are thinking: "this will be a great position for me after my next one.." – then you probably have something we can work on together to take you to that next level –> form your introduction well and reach out to us, we have the flexibility to take a longer view (for the right candidate) and help you grow with us.

Why work at D4t4 Solutions?

Well, our staff retention, which is way above the industry average, should say it all! We are a technology-focused company with tech staff making up the majority. We aim for tech leaders and work with light touch effective management and processes - even our Sales staff talk tech! Established in 1985, with experience from riding the many waves of the IT journey, we are well established in the industry and here to stay. We have evolved in step with technology, into a proactive and agile company, punching well above our weight and able to provide flexible services and solutions to an impressive list of clients that others can’t match. We are seeing very exciting times right now with our "All about the data" solutions very much in demand – market leaders want to gain business insight from their data and we have everything they need to achieve this.

For further information on the above vacancy please email to submit your CV or application.

Please note, we do not accept any unsolicited approaches from agencies. You must have permission to live and work in the US BEFORE you apply for any position at this Company. You must have an active Passport to allow for international travel. Background checks will be carried out on all successful applicants.

D4t4 Solutions plc is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applicants from all sections of the community


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