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About us

Who are D4t4 Solutions?

D4t4 Solutions is ALL ABOUT THE DATA.

We are a UK-founded tech company quoted on the London Stock Exchange (D4T4). For 30 years our work and solutions have been focused on helping companies get the best possible value from all their data assets. Today we have clients in 26 countries who operate within the financial services, retail, travel, healthcare and telco sectors who rely on our solutions and technical expertise.

We started out solving the thorny technical challenges associated with managing exponentially growing data volumes and sources. We have helped these companies unlock eye-watering new revenues and cost saving opportunities with our solutions while ensuring 100% compliance with all their industry and data privacy regulations.– From our heritage in managing and optimising complex data platforms to the engineering innovations within our Celebrus customer data capture platform, D4t4 remains passionate and committed to leading the industry on leveraging all your data assets so your company can focus on delighting customers.

Our drive to continually innovate, both in the development of our own technology and in the resourceful delivery of partner solutions, places us at the leading-edge of how data is used by business today D4t4 are proud of the many long-term client relationships we have created.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To continually innovate and build a steadily growing business that earns high margins and recurring revenues by partnering with our clients to drive maturity in their usage of data along their transformative journey. We intend on leading digital disruption by powering artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics, compliance, fraud, risk, marketing, and customer experience use cases with a combination of a market-leading CDP and our hybrid cloud Customer Data Management platform.

Our Mission

To provide the two most critical components that drive Digital Transformation as an intersection within our business. Powering the most granular, contextualised customer data at an individual level and the data management platforms to operationalise that data throughout an enterprise for the use cases that matter.

Building the Celebrus Suite

To be the best at capturing, unifying, and activating Customer Data, you need the best tools on the market. That’s the underlying thought that drove us to create the Celebrus Suite of products.

From 1985 to 2015 D4t4 Solutions, under the name IS Solutions, we were the global leaders in data management. Constant innovations, like the creation of automated patching, advanced monitoring scripts, performance management and optimisation software, and a Data Deletion Alert Manager, helped us to build numerous long-term client relationships.

However, this wasn’t enough. The task of managing customer data is executed infinitely more efficiently when capturing data is considered part of the process, and treated with equal respect. That’s what inspired the acquisition of Celebrus, the leading experts in enterprise customer data platforms.

And from there, the decision to bring all of D4t4 Solutions’ products under the ‘Celebrus’ name followed naturally. The Celebrus suite of products contains all the tools necessary for your data scientists to flourish, and focus their attention on the tasks of delivering delightful customer experiences and growing the company.

Not to mention the Celebrus Suite is far from being ‘complete’. D4t4 is constantly developing new data solutions and will continue to invest and innovate to ensure our clients stay ahead of the game and are always well placed to leverage all their data assets.

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