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D4t4 Solutions Plc Confirmed as New Name for IS Solutions Plc

July 2016

D4t4 Solutions Plc is the new name for IS Solutions Plc – the name change and rebranding programme were overwhelmingly approved by shareholders at the Company’s AGM on Wednesday 20th July 2016. D4t4 Solutions Plc, a leading AIM-listed data solutions provider, has been planning this transformation since the start of the year to support the Company’s complete focus on data. D4t4 Solutions Plc takes over with immediate effect from the IS Solutions name that has been the Company’s title since it was established 31 years ago.

The new D4t4 Solutions name is being reinforced by a comprehensive rebranding programme based on a new, more vibrant, corporate identity. The D4t4 Solutions brand has been chosen to communicate the Company’s complete focus on data solutions; at whatever stage a clients’ data is in its lifecycle, D4t4 Solutions can demonstrate its expertise in delivering applications that drive value from that data. Peter Kear, CEO of D4t4 Solutions Plc, commented: “I am of course delighted and encouraged that the foundations we have laid for this change have been so positively accepted by our shareholders. Our people have worked hard this year to continue the process of transformation in our business, the success of which has been reflected in our annual financial results announced last month. I am optimistic that our motivation to be ‘ALL ABOUT THE DATA’ will continue to drive value for our clients, enabling them to create advantage from their data for profit and growth.”

David Hetling, Marketing Manager, added: “This has been a very progressive and exciting project to be involved in. Our research into our market positioning, including our clients’ views, has helped us create and develop an appealing and focused brand for our business going forward. D4t4 Solutions positively represents the Company’s ability to collect, manage, present and analyse data – our clients can focus on their core business by placing complete trust in the security, administration and, when the time comes, retirement of their data.”

In line with this change, the D4t4 Solutions Plc stock code changed on Friday 22nd July to D4T4.

D4t4 Solutions Announces Partnership with Search-Driven Analytics Leader ThoughtSpot

D4t4 Solutions Plc has become a channel partner for ThoughtSpot, the leader in search-driven analytics in the enterprise. ThoughtSpot’s relational search technology – providing instant answers to business questions through search-driven analytics – is pivotal to our stated aim of placing data in the hands of the users that can best drive value from it. This partnership with ThoughtSpot enhances our Data Analytics capabilities and will allow clients to democratise data across their organisations, speed-up their ability to deliver data insights and expand the reach and value of that data to larger numbers of non-technical business users.

Peter Kear, CEO of D4t4 Solutions Plc, commented: “ThoughtSpot's Relational Search technology is a game-changing approach to analytics and will help us make data access radically easier for non-technical business people. D4t4 Solutions combines the best of people skills with leading technology to create an unrivalled data advantage and we are delighted to be reinforcing that capability by adding ThoughtSpot to our portfolio. I am convinced that reselling ThoughtSpot will continue our momentum in the area of data analysis and further assist our clients in driving value from their information assets.”

“ThoughtSpot’s arrival in Europe earlier this year has been met with unprecedented excitement from customers and the broader BI industry,” added Ajeet Singh, CEO of ThoughtSpot. “We are thrilled to be partnering with D4t4 Solutions to meet this growing demand and expand the reach of our revolutionary search-driven analytics throughout the UK.”

ThoughtSpot is growing rapidly, experiencing 810 percent sales growth in 2015. Earlier this month, ThoughtSpot also announced a Series C $50 million investment, bringing its total capital raised to over $90 million. Leading global brands in retail, financial services, telecom and healthcare are turning to ThoughtSpot to help every employee make faster, data-informed decisions that drive innovation and accelerate growth. ThoughtSpot 3, released last year, was a major advancement to the platform with over 200 new features, including the business intelligence industry’s first DataRank algorithm that leverages the wisdom of crowds to empower anyone to be their own data analyst.

Matthew Tod to Lead New Data Insight Practice at D4t4 Solutions Plc

D4t4 Solutions Plc has appointed digital data expert Matthew Tod to head up a new Data Insight practice. Tod was previously of digital analytics consultancy Logan Tod and Co. which was acquired by PwC in 2012; he became Partner and later led the Customer Consulting Group, successfully building up PwC’s digital transformation strategy capabilities. He takes the new role of Director of Data Insight at D4t4 Solutions Plc and will work with clients to overcome the “data everywhere” problem, enabling them to gain competitive advantage from their information assets.

Tightly aligned with D4t4 Solutions’ recent repositioning, the Data Insight practice will create value from data by identifying areas where clients can do things differently – this will focus on issues like automation of data delivery, democratisation of data and driving insight for better strategic decision-making. The team will deliver a unified approach to the treatment of data, helping clients to monetise their information and better react to changing market conditions.

“Data insight has been the missing piece in our data solutions offering” commented Peter Kear, CEO of D4t4 Solutions Plc. “Matthew’s appointment completes our ability to offer an end-to-end service spanning the entire data lifecycle. Matthew and his team will ensure that our clients continually drive value from their data – their ability to spot opportunities for clients, and place them at the forefront of their industry sectors, will be a huge benefit to our long-term relationships and drive growth in our own business too.”

Matthew Tod, Director of Data Insight at D4t4 Solutions Plc, added: “Driving tangible value from data is the biggest challenge faced by organisations in our field. Data advantage, through the delivery of better data into the hands of those who can best create value from it, will be the key differentiator for companies as the threat grows from increasingly disruptive competitors. Our focus at D4t4 Solutions will be to empower the users of data, to provide them with the tools that prompt them to conduct certain actions in response to situations, to help them meet the goals of their business and open up opportunities for them to maximise the value of their data

Find out more about the focus of this new team

IS Solutions Plc Undertakes Rebrand to Reflect Complete Data Focus

April 2016

IS Solutions Plc has announced its intention to rename the company and rebrand. The new name, subject to shareholder approval, will be D4t4 Solutions Plc and its launch will be supported by a comprehensive rebranding programme based on a new, more vibrant, corporate identity.

The new D4t4 Solutions brand has been chosen to communicate our complete focus on data solutions. At whatever stage a clients’ data is in its lifecycle, D4t4 Solutions can demonstrate its expertise in delivering applications that drive value from that data. D4t4 Solutions better represents the company’s ability to create, store, present and analyse data so that clients can not only focus on their core business but also place complete trust in the security, management and, when the time comes, retirement of their data.

The rebranding programme extends a repositioning exercise carried out at the start of this year that presented four clear focus areas for the company’s data solutions:

Peter Kear, CEO of IS Solutions Plc, explained: “For some time now, our name and brand have been associated with the simple provision of information systems while our business has been delivering so much more than that. We have evolved to become clearly focused on all data solutions, from the creation of data through our own Celebrus Technologies software, to the management of data in the cloud or on-premises throughout its lifecycle and onto the analysis of that data for maximum client benefit. Our people have enormous business and technical experience in ensuring that data is placed in the hands of the users that can best create value from it and we are constantly innovating new solutions that accelerate our clients’ ability to profit from their data.”

Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for July and the intention is that the new D4t4 Solutions name and brand will be adopted by the passing of a shareholder resolution at that event.


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